18th Congress of the Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (CSQ)

MONTREAL, June 6, 2022 / CNW Telbec/ – Psychoeducator Jacques Landry has been re -appointed for a second term as head of the Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec, the FPPE -CSQ, whose 18e The Congress ended on Friday, June 3. The president of the Federation enumerated subsequent public sector negotiations and government actions on the importance of improving the practice conditions of professionals so that they can adequately serve students. in Quebec.

The event, which took place over three days in Montréal under the theme “Let’s play our role”, brought together more than 200 delegates to reflect on the challenges to be faced in the coming years for the education of professionals.

“With more than 500 vacancies and the growing use of private professional services in Quebec schools, we are more concerned than ever for public safety, fair and prompt professional services for students in Quebec. The government needs to invest heavily in public professional services, to organize their activities, to make the environment more attractive. The safety of public services is at stake, “he said. Jacques Landry.

Negotiations during unemployment

As the new public sector negotiations approach, the President of the Federation wants to point out that professionals have an important role to play in the school and that it is central to it that they need to exercise their role in consultation and multidisciplinarity.

“With vacant professional positions in school service centers, the Conseil du trésor must realize that the school environment needs to change and move beyond the current framework. It needs to succeed in attracting and retaining the best. good candidates to work with students, ”Mr. Landry concluded.

Skill to be recognized at its fair value

The President of the Federation intends to redouble his efforts in the next order so that the work of professionals can be identified at its true value. It approaches this new triennium not only with the determination to protect the working conditions of its members, but also with the determination to better recognize their skills, which are essential to our public education system.

“Professionals are in the best position to identify educational needs, whether for student services, pedagogical support services, organizational support services or material resources. They need to be better consulted by the organization. and funding services. This is definitely a way to promote them. »

Another choice

Let us add, in conclusion, that Sophie Massé was also re-elected as vice president and that John Martineau Reappointed as vice president of administrative activity for FPPE-CSQ.

FPPE-CSQ profile

The Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (FPPE-CSQ) represents 19 unions with 11,000 members in almost all school service centers in Quebec, French and English, as well as Cree and Kativik school boards. . Its members include various categories of staff in the administrative and pedagogical sectors and in direct student services (including psychologists, psychoeducators and psychoeducators, speech therapist, remedial pedagogue, pedagogical adviser, guidance counselor, etc.).

SOURCE Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (FPPE-CSQ)

For more information: Karine Lapierre, Communications Advisor, FPPE-CSQ, Cell: 514-213-4412, Email: [email protected]

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