she trusted the man of her life

Who would have thought that Julie would finally be restored to her image? After his devastating break with Jean-Michel, he’s stocking up!

When Julie opened her heart

Romances, friendships or kids, the least we can say is that love and the pasture full of twists. For seventeen seasons, it is clear that the public is not tired of it. The year of the pandemic was also full of emotions. The love at first sight of Matthieu and Alexandre is still in everyone’s memory. As for Hervé le Picard’s artichoke heart, Stéphanie was able to pick up the pieces. This is why all these duos led by Karine Le Marchand always come to give their news on special broadcasts. Behind the scenes, he weaves unbreakable bonds with some of them. After becoming the godmother at a wedding, she took out her best pen to write the introduction to a recipe book. Objeko love this happy reunion! But, in the press, one of them will stand up. Between his recent physical metamorphosis and his psychological reconstruction, our colleagues from Pure man hallucinating as Julie’s journey is filled with pitfalls and setbacks. Without further ado, he explained to us how he had drawn a line under his yesterday while finding peace in the present.

After the rain…

On her Facebook account, Julie kept photos of their romance with Jean-Michel. Despite her beautiful smile, she knew it was just a facade. When he’s in a relationship, he has ” forget yourself“. That is, she set aside her desires in favor of her husband. Moreover, looking back, he felt that his constant cry for help was too heavy to be carried on his weak shoulders. Surprisingly, over the course of several hours, the gap between the two lovebirds widened even more. Knowing that the magic of the early days was gone, he fell into depression.

Every now and then, he tried to shake her and corrected the record. Here again, Julie’s strategy ends in yet another setback. This time it was the last straw. He could do nothing but run it. Very clear. The concern was not from him, but from his partner. Now, she believes she has become the best version of herself and urges all women to be confident in themselves.

When he signed up Love is in the pasture, Julie finds it difficult to face the gaze of others. In addition, she wants Karine Le Marchand’s program to also serve as a springboard in her professional life. However, on social networks, he knows that contact is faster than a shoot. Whether in her community or with former members of this great family of hearts, she feels more surrounded than ever. Among the many relationships, one man tapped into his curiosity. He agreed to talk about it a little more!

… Cupid has come into Julie’s life!

Lost in the midst of his feelings, he felt he could no longer do without his wise advice. By daring to give him the role of ” close friend“, the twinkle in his eye proves that he is” in love so much“. Very quickly, he told our colleagues that he was convinced he had found his mate. On the other hand, don’t trust him to take the first step or persuade him to move forward with him. For now, all he wants is to trust his fate. It’s understandable, Julie won’t try to control everyone anymore … and that’s great! This famous release promoted by personal development experts, he could write a thesis on it.

Never afraid of loneliness, Julie became a strong woman. She deserves to be respected and find a shoe that fits her. Fingers crossed he announced the good news soon. However, his passion for horses filled his schedule very well. Of course, she can always make room for a man, if tempted that he has the same values ​​as her. That is, his kindness and optimism is not just a legend… Obviously, we can only see the qualities in him and almost no faults. So, when things work out on his Facebook account, we’ll let you know! Others, you’ll have it in the next issue ofObjeko ! See you soon for new adventures!

Thanks to our colleagues from Purepeople

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