Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois is reportedly involved with model Mishel Gerzig

After dating for almost a year, football superstar Thibaut Courtois has reportedly decided to propose to his girlfriend, Israeli model Mishel Gerzig.

In images circulating on social media, Courtois, 30, shows a knee on the ground while Gerzig, 24, seems to be shedding tears of joy.

According to the Spanish newspaper HELLOCourtois allegedly made her marriage proposal during a trip to the Amalfi coast, in Italy.

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This request comes a few days after Real Madrid, the club of Courtois, won the Champions League.

The relationship between Gerzig and Courtoi began about a year ago. They met through friends who work in the fashion industry, Channel 12 said.

The couple already lives in Spain.

Courtois, who is already the father of two children, is the goalkeeper of Real, the world famous club, and he is also the goalkeeper of the Belgian national team.

Gerzig has been a model since the age of 13. Her celebrity has grown even more since she met Courtois, and some have been able to criticize their relationship.

However, in an interview with Israeli magazine La’Ishalast year, the young woman defended this romantic relationship, saying life was too short to worry about what others would say or think.

“I can’t say I didn’t want to be famous in the past because, in modeling, the more famous you are, the more you work. But sadly, over the years I’ve learned that if you don’t do reality TV, if you’re not in the middle of a scandal or if you’re not dating a famous personality, there’s no mention about you, ”he said. said.

“I refused to play, I said that in order to gain glory, I would never do anything bad for me. If the fact that I was from the periphery of the country, I finished my military service and represented Israel the best that possible way is not enough, there is no problem. At least I will stay true to who I am, ”he said.

When asked what he thought of those who claimed he had just started dating Courtois to advance his career, Gerzog replied: “Let them say what they want. I know what the truth is and Thibaut knows this too – and that’s all that matters.In the end, it’s my life and it’s his life – and our lives don’t belong to the individuals hidden behind their keyboards.Life is too short and I do not want to waste time on what others think. What matters is my happiness and hers. »

But that relationship can be difficult at times, as Gerzig confessed in an interview published last month on Ynet.

“Some are angry that Courtois is dating an Israeli,” he said, adding that his social media accounts have been filled with anti-Israel comments since meeting the goalkeeper.

“People don’t care about you as a person – if you’re from Israel, there’s nothing you can do. It doesn’t matter if you are a good person or not, you are immediately hated and threatened just because you are Israeli, ”he said.

That didn’t seem to stop Courtois from apparently being very pleased with Gerzog proposing to him. A suggestion to which, according to some media, the young woman would have responded positively.

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