Pierre and Frédérique (Love is in the pasture) are victims of bad weather, their dream …

10 years ago Love is in the pasture, Pierre and Frédérique thought they were invincible. Alas, after such a tragedy, they started from the left!

The Love couple is on the brink of danger

Pasiga sila! For ten years, Frédérique and Pierre have been the proof that the recipe is for Love is in the pasture deeds. Moreover, duets like Jérôme and Justine, Matthieu and Alexandre, etc. still take them as an example. Only then, the tsunami will reduce all their efforts to the left. There is no saying that their legendary positive attitude will suffer the consequences. This blow to the wing, they can’t melt it. Without further ado, Objeko explains to you the circumstances of this waking dream. After this kind of tragedy, it’s hard to come back. Come on, let’s go, let’s give you all the details of this dark story! Stay there, it will shake you in all directions and make everyone doubt.

The eternal debt of love is in the pasture

When they found out that their friend Karine Le Marchand had been expelled by the elders from Love is in the pasture, Frédérique and Pierre do not hesitate for a second. They were among those who flew to his rescue. This famous montage of memories is just the visible tip of how they feel for him. The goodness, the recognition, the complexity, the unwavering support, words fail to describe the precious bond that unites them into the M6’s stellar host. So he wasn’t born to hurt her! No offense to the disgusting comments of TPMP columnists that are on their noses, Tata Kaka is the best in PAF! In legend, they summed things up in their own way. For more than a decade, this reciprocal love has not waned. On the contrary, it increases. ” We want today to show him our long lasting friendship (…) Everything is said and we love him ♥ ️ »

A few months after the end of the seventh season Love is in the pasture, they announce the arrival of the stork in their nest. How great Gabriel! At the house of Objeko, we see that he takes the best from his parents. Always with a smile, he has the same values ​​as them, which is respect for animals. We want these three fairy tales to last a lifetime! Alas, as we explained to you in the introduction, nature can be capricious. And it doesn’t matter if the lovebirds always make sure they are preserved. When he is angry, he destroys everything in his path and of course ignores the financial investments of his victims.

The fear of their lives!

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In one sentence, Pierre summed up the scale of the disaster. These vines are no more in the shadow of what they used to be. As a new wave of heat raises fears of a drought, the rain returns vigorously. Instead of worrying about his followers, he tries to stay calm and have a good sense of humor. Adult, straight in his boots, he emphasized that it was part of the risks of “ work“. On the other hand, this paradox will not leave anyone indifferent. In his view, it is very difficult to chain a “Frost episode with [un autre de] hail. » The least he can say is that he is “There is devastation. More than ever, he has empathy for those who throw in the towel. After two years of health hardship, it wasn’t even time for the weather to act!

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) pierrefredlamourestdanslepre

Pierre’s wife wants to make her contribution. While her lover didn’t want to arouse the sympathy of Internet users, she showed us her tibia injury. Ah yes all the same, this time, we understood that maybe her skin would disappear there. By putting all their hopes on their second place on earth, they are easily disappointed. “Seriously, no more left, no more words. »

Dear reader ofObjeko, we rely on you to support them in this terrible ordeal. Like our companions, let’s cross our fingers so the sun can quickly return to the sky! The next day of his observation, he rolled up his sleeves and took his courage with both hands. The former candidate Love is in the pasture should never stop, if only for his prince Gabriel. What a wonderful philosophy!

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