My dog ​​is afraid of town: what should I do?

All dogs are different. Some enjoy outdoor activities in the countryside. Some adapt very well to city life. The urban environment can be bad for cats. Noisy and full of traps, the town can be considered a dangerous environment for your pet. How to deal with a scared dog in the city? Here are some tips to achieve this.

A town dog: is this a good idea?

Many believe that the dog is happier in the countryside. However, this is not entirely true. A dog can be happy in the city or in the country as long as its owners make sure it has everything it needs. A dog may be happier in town if he walks several times a day than in the countryside if his outings are limited to the garden.

So you can adopt a dog if you live in a town or in a rural area. Be sure to take the time to learn about the characteristics of the breed and its possible needs. Ideally, you should opt for a dog that will not have difficulty adapting to your environment.

Understand why your dog is scared of the city

For a few weeks or even a few months, you have your dog at home. Walk after walks, and even in your house, if the windows are open, you will find that your pet is not well. Why? There are many reasons!

  • A puppy may be intimidated by the change in the environment he experienced when he was adopted. Sometimes you need to give it time to adjust to its new life and habits.
  • An adopted adult dog may also suffer from this change in environment. If he lived only in the countryside, the city seemed hostile and dangerous to him.
  • A puppy like a dog can suffer from the omnipresence of city noise. Smoke can also be uncomfortable with activity around it.

You need to know that the dog is afraid of the unknown. Also, when he arrives in town, he will experience a lot of aggression. In weeks and months, he would get used to it. In this process, you can help! So he feels better, faster. How to help a dog that is scared in town? Here are some tips.

5 tips to help a dog who is afraid of the city

Tip #1: Bring your dog as often as possible

If you adopt a dog, whether it is clean or not, you should remove it as often as possible. Ideally, you should schedule a trip every two hours. This habit should be eliminated from an early age. Thus, the dog will be able to carry his bearings inside his house just like his neighborhood.

During the walk, you need to use the right attitude. You need to teach him basic skills like cleanliness and walking on a leash, but also show him that he can trust you to ensure his safety. Trust him and protect him. Of course, your pet will always be rewarded.

Tip n ° 2: Have proper walking equipment

In order for your dog to walk, you will need a collar or harness and a leash. If your dog is uncomfortable around him, make sure you have the right equipment. The collar and leash should not be an additional source of stress. Comfort and safety are the key words! Avoid electric collars and choke collars. For the leash, bet on a model whose height is between 1.50 and 2 meters. That way, your partner can be free while staying close.

Tip #3: Work with basic orders

A scary dog ​​in an urban environment is a dog that is even more difficult to manage. To keep everything as high as possible during the walks, we recommend that you work hard on the basic skills. Among them, there is a walk on a leash, important to the town, and commands like sit or stop. Your dog should follow and not pull on his leash. You walked it, not the other way around! So you have to stay in control. In order for him to integrate the basics of learning, we recommend that you work in a city park. Thus, the dog will integrate the sounds around him while in a safe space.

Tip #4: Reassure your dog

If your dog is scared, you need to reassure him. Don’t ignore his fears. That way, your dog will have confidence in you and feel better and better during the walk in town. It is important to monitor your pet to identify the sources of its fears and minimize them. If your dog is able to control himself, consider rewarding him. Don’t hesitate to divert his attention. The mistake here is to think that it is accustomed to…

Tip n ° 5: Opt for appropriate outings

Obviously if your dog is afraid of people, it doesn’t have to be brought to the market or to the terrace of a cafe. If he is afraid of traffic, choose quiet places. In general, you need to gradually get him used to the town. Avoid rush hour rides or crowded areas.

Call a dog trainer

If despite all your efforts, your dog is very frightened, it may be appropriate to call a dog trainer. this professional will not give you a miracle solution. He will watch your dog and help you find ways to get used to the animal around it. He may offer you to walk with other dog owners. In fact, the presence of congeners can reassure your dog. He may also advise you to play a CD with town sounds or put on your pet’s clothes so he can feel protected.

Attention, it is necessary not to ignore the fears of a dog. However, it doesn’t have to be too late. For example, it is not recommended to bring your young dog when he is scared. It’s best to bend over and reassure him by hitting him.

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