in Blois, a 64-year-old teacher defends herself in the middle of class

Photo credit: AFP – Boris HORVAT

Based on the information provided by The New Republic and The Parisian, the 64-year-old teacher, professor of economics and management, jumped out the window on the second floor of his establishment, while he was in class with senior students and one of his colleagues. Victim of multiple fractures, fortunately he survived his fall and his state of health is now recovering.

An act that awakens others and challenges the suffering of National Education

The first elements presented to the press left little doubt that it was a suicide attempt. A move of sadness away from the isolation of National Education: one of the unique surveys published on the subject, in November 2019, revealed that on average, one National Education agent commits suicide each week of the 2018 school year. -2019. A situation that primarily affects more than 45-year-olds, ie the oldest staff in National Education, and is on the rise when we compare the previous survey, published… in 2002.

Suicides in which the institution is sometimes directly involved, especially if they occur in the workplace. In September 2019, Christine Renon, principal of the Pantin school, committed suicide inside her establishment, leaving a letter in which she directly pointed out the responsibility of National Education. Since then, some education staff have committed suicide because of their work. In 2020, Bruno Delbecq, principal of the Saint-Laurent school in Var, committed suicide at his workplace. In 2021, the rectorate of the Orléans-Tours academy was forced to recognize institutional responsibility after the suicide of a college principal at his workplace, while, in the same year, the Var’s academic inspection recognized “the responsibility of its services. ”after the suicide of a teacher.

Teacher malaise, the result of severe deterioration in working conditions

Christine Renon’s suicide in 2019 resulted in several days of mobilization, allowing National Education staff to express their suffering that is, far from an individual problem, structure. In fact, it is a result of policies that are gradually deteriorating the working conditions of staff, which have now become unsustainable for some.

Various school reforms have in fact led to an increase in staff duties, which must always do more with always less-as a reminder, since the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, more more than 60,000 posts were cut in National Education, while the number of students remained relatively stable. While staff criticized the lack of National Education resources for many years, Jean-Michel Blanquer managed to successfully return 200 million euros from the budget allocated by his ministry in 2021. The refusal to hire staff led to an increase. in overtime, which is now compulsory in secondary education. Political choices lead to overwork and fatigue, even burnout. A study by the Ministry of National Education published in 2019 determined that 10% to 14% of teachers experienced burnout at the beginning or end of their careers, while almost 30% showed symptoms!

This adds to the increase in pressure from the hierarchy. Blanquer’s ministry marked this as a deepening, not only by suppressing “protesting” personnel, but also by using more administrative methods. From now on, the heads of the establishments will be able to be recruited from the private sector, while strengthening the “autonomy” of the establishments will be more subject to the personnel in their management, who are responsible for the distribution of good and bad points. The pressures were accompanied by a deep contempt of the institution towards its staff. Not only is job medicine (almost) absent in National Education, but pandemic management reveals how little the ministry pays attention to its staff. First “sent by the strawberries”, the teachers then had the feeling – justified – of being sent to the front without protection. A scandal that led to the “Ibiza Protocol” scandal, the Minister of National Education sent the health protocol to be implemented in schools two days in advance, in a paid newspaper… and from Ibiza!

With elections approaching, the Macron government thus plans to continue to dynamite the situation of teachers, by completely ending lifelong recruitment to make the sector more vulnerable, and to make staff work. at will. Postponing the retirement age also has an impact on teachers: it doesn’t matter that the oldest staff, tired, who have witnessed an increase in attacks in recent decades, are more likely to try to end their days. The teacher from Blois is 64 years old, while Christine Renon is 58 years old and Bruno Delbecq is 63 years old.

Blois’s suicide attempt adds to the sad list of desperate actions on the part of our comrades, which we regret, and in whose name we will continue to lead the war to overthrow a system that is crushing us, ready to sacrifice lives. always accumulate more while others see their profit accumulated. We hope this partner recovers quickly and extend our full support to him, his family and his colleagues.

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