Resident Evil 4: 5 things that need to be fixed again!

Game News Resident Evil 4: 5 things that need to be fixed again!

In the recent State of Play, PlayStation confirmed the rumors right by opening a remake of Resident Evil 4, a cult horror game originally released in 2005. Some details given the throw, but a question naturally comes to mind: what can Capcom do to improve, enhance this popular game? Here is our little opinion on the matter.

Yes, you didn’t dream, the Resident Evil 4 remake is a reality! The PlayStation ended the suspense, with a State of Play broadcast on Thursday night through Friday. Release date: March 24, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Prepare your calendar, its beautiful Leon is about to return to save Ashley, the daughter of the president of America. In the program: rewritten scenario “while the main plot remains”, modernized gameplay and-of course-graphics worthy of the most triple-As. “We want fans of the series to see what makes the game a success, while putting in new and invigorating elements” we can find out in PlayStation-Blog. It remains only to be seen what these famous elements are. Five ideas!


As we’ve seen, Capcom is looking to bring a polish to the gameplay of Resident Evil 4, which at the time marked a major evolution for the license with an action focus and a third -person camera. And even if the title remains playable to this day, we wouldn’t say no to some improvements. First about the various actions of the hero Léon S. Kennedy: in 2005, the poor man could not do not advance and fire at the same time ! Granted, it makes the character weaker – hence the action more tense – but it’s no longer a modern mechanic. So, in order to continue the remake of Resident Evil 2 (Léon is also the main character there) Capcom will have to soften the game in this fourth season. We also think of knife restraint, hand combat, QTEs. On the contrary, some points like briefcase management deserve to be kept.


Of course, Resident Evil isn’t just gymnastic moves to kill zombies. With Resident Evil 7 and later, on a small scale, Resident Evil 8, Capcom was able to bring the series back to horror with a more detailed atmosphere than ever before and a first-person camera. In addition, the eighth part seems to completely resonate with the fourth, striking the balance between smooth atmosphere and emphasis on action. Of course, the company will rely on all of this knowledge on how to make a quality game. The first trailer also reveals beautiful surroundings, with a unique color palette and a truly enhanced level of detail. On Capcom’s site, we learn that the development team includes several people working on the remake of Resident Evil 2. In short, it’s promising.


With a secluded European village, the cult of Los Illuminados and its colorful monsters, Resident Evil 4 builds a particular folklore that has undoubtedly contributed to its fame. But of course there are things to improve. According to Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, the story in the fourth part deserves to be changed up in the remake. Because yes, you don’t know we still don’t know where is the famous Merchant from? and that we will not deny any other details about Luis Sera, the former Spanish policeman who would support Léon. Same thing for the Salazar Family, originally from Los Illuminados. After all, it’s the power of a remake: to discover a classic video game while providing answers in some gray areas: the remake of Resident Evil 2 thus combines new scenes.


We talked about the game above, but there were stages and an entire section on the main adventure that stuck in the throats of many fans. Yes, Ashley, the president’s son that Leon had to save. When you see him, he will always ask for help in action scenes. And overall, it’s more considered a burden just as a well-thought-out game element, not least because of a wobbly artificial intelligence. Same observation when it comes to managing it: these moments clearly don’t remain in the memories. So this is an obvious project that Capcom has to deal with. Why not imagine Ashley being able to help during fights – as much as possible – or that her company’s stages put more weight than ever on horror, where our Leon specialty will remain in action? ?


We finally finished with the fifth “bonus” point. What if Resident Evil 4 Remake relied on a camera for the first time, à la Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8? As of now, the choice of the third -person angle (as in the basic game) has not been formally made by Capcom teams. This remains impossible, if the fourth episode accurately bases its popularity on a TPS look, especially almost inseparable from its birth. Yes, the trailer plans suggest a third person camera. But equally, this kind of courage will make it possible to rediscover Resident Evil 4 more than ever! There is.

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