My Love Affair, the Guetta cash machine

Posted on December 12 2014 at 19:00

December 9, 2014. Queen of the night Cathy Guetta and her partner, Raphaël Aflalo, climbed the platform levels four by four to receive, as part of the 35th Grand Prix des Agences de l’année presented at the Hotel Intercontinental, which is the “Advertising Agency” for My Love Affair, their company responsible for orchestrating the partnership between artists and big brands. Long Venetian blonde hair and micro-skirt, Cathy Guetta received her Prize from the hands of Omar Sy.

But behind the smile, charm and sparkle, there is a money machine that works at full speed: created in May 2011, My Love Affair charges 30% to 40% commission on completed deals. The company achieved a turnover of 8 million in 2014. Raphaël Aflalo, former CEO of Omnicom Media Group, headed the music marketing agency he envisioned with Cathy and David Guetta in Porto-Vecchio in 2010.The business was quickly completed: 90% of the capital of the future unit would go into the hands of the main protagonists (Cathy and David Guetta, Raphaël Aflalo and Jean-Charles Carré, manager of Guetta). The remaining 10% will be divided between a group of “business-angels”: Xavier Niel (Free), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (vente-privé, Alain Lévy, (Weborama) and Alain Mikli.

Leader in loss

Despite their divorce announced in March 2014, David Guetta continues to be a major element of the device. With his 57 million Facebook fans and 15 million Twitter followers, Bernard Guetta’s brother is the agency’s guarantor and one of its most compelling “loss leaders”: interplanetary success. Black Eyed Peas, I have a feeling, which he signed and made in 2009, raised its rating across the Atlantic.

The concept of My Love Affair is so simple, and works seamlessly across the broken lines of Music & Brands (Universal), Label Services (Warner) and Business to Business (Sony), the departments of music majors that working with content production brands and whose activity is in full expansion. “Our industry is going through a huge transformation and this transformation is not completesaid Marc Wibaux, managing director of Warner’s Label Services division. In this context, the development of these activities is a lever for growthmajor factor in the improvement of our economic model. » This does not prevent these special departments from making, at times, My Love Affair partnerships. Which imposes its philosophy: the brand must enter the universe of the artist, and not the other way around. ” We made an anti-L’Oréalsays Raphaël Aflalo, with a touch of challenge.There is no question that an artist would pose with a bottle of perfume in his hand or in front of a car. What could it be like to see Brad Pitt read a poem for Chanel #5 for his fans? Nothing. »

That’s why the agency’s motto: create an atmosphere that will appeal to the artist’s fans. Make-up preparation for concerts, private live shows (Iggy Pop at the Casino de Paris on the occasion of the creation of a Kronenbourg can in his name, where he ends up pouring the can into his chest …), clips (David Guetta and the Renault Twizy) …

Everything is done in a more sophisticated way. The most recent partnership to date, both activity-based and interactive, has been signed around the world, with David Guetta, F 1 and its sponsor Mumm. A 7-minute short film by Swedish music video director Jonas Ackerlund (Lady Gaga, Madonna) shows a career rivalry between David Guetta and British actor James Purefoy in a piece of music, “Dangerous”. .composed by DJ. The cash machine is bewildered: the clip is seen 10 million times in ten days. Best of all, this is the first video clip on the synchronized dual screen (the F1 from smartphone to computer), thanks to the download of a mobile code. My Love Affair continues its momentum. Already, last summer, the agency diversified into sports marketing by signing a contract with footballer Christiano Ronaldo. It will take effect in 2015.

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