Xbox Games with Gold: The “free” games in June 2022

Game News Xbox Games with Gold: The “free” games in June 2022

After Sony and its PlayStation Plus, it’s the Xbox brand’s turn to announce “free” titles for the month of June thanks to the Xbox Games program with Gold.

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Here we are again for a new month! Players who subscribe to Xbox Games with Gold, Microsoft’s subscription service, can choose from four new titles “free” in the month of June. The first is none other than a good classic, which is Super Meat Boy! But we can also count on the presence of three other surprises: Aven Colony, Project Highrise and Raskulls.

The titles will soon disappear:

If you want to download Viva Piñata: Party Animals and The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk, you should hurry, as both games will no longer be available from June 15. For more information, we suggest you visit this link.

Super Meatboy

We started the games program offered for the month of June with a very good skill game classic and platform, we named the unforgettable Super Meatboy. In fact, the reference to die and try again is available “free” now for all players who subscribe to Xbox Games with Gold. The production of the video game to be released on June 15 offers you to control a piece of meat with arms and legs with only one thing in mind, to save the princess he loves so much. Unfortunately for our hero, there are many more acute obstacles in his path.

Colony on Aven

We continue on Colony on Aven. Anaa na, and this, until June 30, is the title, like Sim City, a city builder who, as its name suggests, offers you to design your own city. Except that at this time, the whole thing is not happening on planet Earth, but on an unfriendly extraterrestrial surface located light years away from our giant home. This allowed the Radevic Team game to offer uniquely designed buildings and take us out of our day-to-day grinding. Be careful, attacks from strange creatures can also put a spoke on your wheels.

Tall Project: Architect’s Edition

We kept the Gold games in the month of June with a surprise Project Highrise to be offered in its Architect’s Edition version. In this compilation that unites the game as well as all its expansions, the player seeks to create huge towers for commercial giants looking for the ideal office, but also for residences or even tourists or travelers. You understand this, in this one job, it is possible to build your skyscraper from A to Z. For players looking for a challenge, also note that the title has 29 scenarios. Everything is available on Xbox Games with the Gold program from June 16 to July 15.

Tall Project: Architect’s Edition


We ended up with another production unlike any other: this time it was over Raskullsa title released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. This game is available “for free” from June 16 to 30 of the same month, players will be faced with a huge puzzle playing with more or less Tetris game codes. Basically, in this Halfbrick -signed production, the player – solo or with a friend – has to cross sixty levels as quickly as possible. To do this, you have to break blocks that look like gigantic tetraminos that are influenced by gravity … However, be careful, these seemingly harmless blocks can crush you if they fall.

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