Julie (Love is in the grass) “loves so much” but not in a relationship: “She’s the man of my life” (NO)

Naa sa Love is in the pasture 2017 (M6) discovered by spectators the glittering horse breeder Julie. The beautiful 39-year-old blonde finished the adventure with Jean-Michel and had an idyll with him after filming. Unfortunately, this did not happen between them. Where is she in her lovelife now? He answered exclusively Pure man.

Where are you in your loves?

I’ve always been working on myself lately. I admit that our relationship with Jean-Michel was really complicated. He opened my eyes to a lot of behaviors that were not good for me. On the other hand I forgot about myself. Great knowledge about it by telling myself that I don’t want to forget myself for someone else. I met a friend I loved very much. He is my best friend but I love him so much. I feel like he’s the man of my life. So much work to abandon, strengthen and release this story. Now, I wait for what life has in store for me. I don’t necessarily seek because my feelings are pretty strong, so it doesn’t matter if it goes one day further with him or not, I let myself be guided. Now chosen by my heart. But if he wasn’t, maybe we’d put something else in my way. Anyway, I’m busy with the professional.

What can be a deal breaker in a relationship?

Someone who doesn’t respect me, who lied to me – which Jean -Michel did – and someone who doesn’t love me for who I am. With Jean-Michel, it lasted a long time because I wanted to help him because I think he was suffering. Except he really had no desire to help. There was this desire on my side to change it so that it would fit my expectations, when I realized that it had to automatically match us, that we no longer had to change anything else for it to work. That’s why I want to find someone with the same desires, the same expectations and the same feelings. If I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t be interested. I worked so hard on myself that loneliness was not a problem.

Can you rejoin Love is in the meadow, like Thierry this year?

I admit I asked myself that question. I know I live it differently. I wouldn’t go to the end without a crush in the beginning, like 2017. I would live it with less expectations, more letting go and in agreement with my bation. But do I need it now? I’m not sure. At the time, the show was a way to introduce myself from a broader perspective. Now, I realize I can meet people. There are social networks for example. I think fate leads us to meet the right people. But I do not regret this experience. He gave me a chance to meet my best friend.

Have you ever received declarations of love?

No, but on social networks there was something that really shocked me. Because I was on the show, we approached people to say: “Hello, are you okay?”. We know them because they’ve seen the show or they’ve been following us for a long time. And they talk to us as if they know us. I was very shocked. I would never approach someone without introducing myself. We made a presentation so that the opponent would know who he was talking to. Recently, someone said to me: “Hello, how are you? Can we meet?” I bug every time and I’m probably less friendly because I find it aggressive. I don’t know if I’m the only one who heard this. It’s a way of forcing people to get to know each other. If you want to respond and then realize that there is something wrong with the description, that puts you in a bad position. We need to tell the person and end the conversation. I see that in particular. It happened to me before that I was blocked like that and said I wasn’t interested. I find it nasty while if people show up, we know if we want to get to know each other or not.

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