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The new era of Love is in the pasture will soon come to our screens. And the least we can say is that viewers can’t wait to discover the adventures of season 17. Actually, the cast promises, that’s for sure! In February, the public discovered 13 photos of farmers, nine men and four women, aged 25 to 72. There were a number of atypical profiles, which could add to the show. The next step is to open the mails. So far, the M6 ​​channel has not given an exact broadcast date, but overall, it’s the end of the summer and it’s in line with the start of the school year. To see if production stays on the same schedule.

Love is in the pasture: a former contestant experienced many complications after the show …

One thing is for sure, the issue is Love is in the pasture still like. In fact, every week, nearly three million viewers watch episodes of Karine Le Marchand’s show. As a reminder, season 16 ended well with six new couples of lovers. For example, we might mention Hervé, the cattle breeder, and Stéphanie, but also Sébastien and Karine.

For season 17 on Love is in the pasture, some people have special circumstances. For example, this is the first time since the start of the program’s broadcast that a father will participate at the same time as his daughter. In fact, the father and daughter are looking for their soul mate. Then there are also Emmanuelle, 42, and Jean-Paul, 70, who are both wine growers and work on the same land, located in eastern France.

Former candidate’s financial problems Love is in the pasture

Just on the show TPMP Peoplehosted by Matthieu Delormeau, the handsome blond received former star candidates from Love is in the pasture. Granted, the years have passed, but we can’t forget some very touching farmers. It was, for example, Jean-Michel Claveau who participated in season 6. The farmer loves Nathalie, but her crush is not mutual. Has he ever found love?

Matthieu Delormeau asks the farmer about his love life and his new daily life. We can say that life does not have to be good to him. In fact, the farmer had to leave his farm for financial reasons. Therefore, he is mentally ill and has suicidal thoughts. Again, he seems to be single now. So, can fans take a chance?

Amorous adventures and a tragedy

“I have daughters, but I don’t want it to be known in the press. I live the secret love”definition of the farmer Love is in the pasture. As said “To live happily, live secretly”. Then, Jean-Michel reveals that a love story of the time comes to life “almost two years” with a woman. “After that, it stopped. Afterwards I met a girl who had died in a car in Clermont-Ferrand. After all, I have adventures, and then there you are… ”continued Jean-Michel, who was with another candidate from Love is in the pasture, Thierry Olive. The latter is luckier than her partner since she married her suitor on the show Annie.

After these love disappointments and the drama of the accident, Jean-Michel seems unprepared to find his other half. Granted, he was hesitant and we understand that’s what he was going through. Matthieu Delormeau asks him if he wants to meet a woman. “Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I like it, but I take my time. “ said the former participant of Love is in the pasture which is now placed near Tours. For a little anecdote, he also receives letters from men, but Jean-Michel seems uninterested…

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