behind the seduction operation, an educational break agenda


This is his tenth visit there. Between his first trip, mid-November 2016, and his return to Marseille on Thursday morning, Emmanuel Macron went to Marseille almost twice a year. The opportunity will be announced there in September, a broad experiment in what he calls “the school of the future”. Nine months later, the Head of State announced his intention to generalize the experiment to the entire territory.

The school crisis

12 days before the first round of legislative elections, the trip is unimportant. At school, the crisis began. While the first results of admission tests for the teaching competitions were announced in mid-May, about 10,600 posts in primary education and 13,690 in secondary education remain to be filled. “Not seen yet” according to sector unions. So, at the academies of Toulouse and Versailles, “job dating” sessions were organized by the rectorate to quickly recruit staff for the start of the school year. A recruitment approach that was shocked by the lack of consideration for the real needs of students, but above all appeared as evidence of the current crisis.

In this context, the arrival of Macron and his new Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, in Marseille, is symbolic: the Marseille experiment, which Blanquer started in the last five years of the term represents the advance. point of “change in the methodology for education initiated by the Head of State, and that he wants to show to hide poverty and prevent protests in the National Education system. Near the school in Menpenti visited by the head of state and the his new minister, nearly thirty demonstrators demanded more resources for education despite the ban issued by the prefecture the same morning.

The “school of the future”: a neoliberal school

If Emmanuel Macron returns to Marseille because since September the project started. The Marseilles experiment, which allocates resources to schools according to targeted “projects”, also aims to allow school principals to participate in the recruitment of their teaching staff, under the pretext of providing “more freedom and autonomy for educational groups to build a fairer and more inclusive school system”. Continuing the logic of territorialization of the education system, already working with Parcoursup, it constitutes a recent leap to the construction of a “two-speed school” and a variety of education according to the neighborhoods and spectators. Behind the “radical new approach” emerged the establishment of unequal territories and students vis-à-vis the school, with different approaches depending on the projects that could be implemented by the establishment- or not.

Among the recruitment of teachers to school directors “to fight against absenteeism”, profile positions, and so on. the “Marseille en grand” project is in line with Rilhac law, which gives more power to school principals, and the qualification of national education staff, as it is widely implemented through contracting and low wages. The arrival in Marseille, as the first official outing of the new Minister of National Education, at least has the merit of dispelling some illusions that may continue. Behind the differences in form, the new minister is a continuation of the former, due to the breakdown of public service and education.

Macron wants to recapture the initiative: NUPES is on the line of sight

After voting for discretion, a month after his re-election Macron apparently decided to get on the run. The Head of State, it seems, has long thought that he could repeat the success of the presidential campaign, if he hid behind Covid 19 and especially the war in Ukraine to be played out as later as possible. , fifteen days before the first round. . But the impact of the post-presidential election ripple-which has traditionally given the president-elect a majority in the National Assembly-seems to have changed in recent weeks.

After the controversy over the rape cases against Damien Abad, it is the turn of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to be the target of all criticism after the defeat of the league’s final champions. Before the lake fire for the most part, the half-mast polls and the hospital crisis, in which service closures and calls for mobilization have increased in recent weeks, seem to have ended convincingly. to the Head of State to make a strategic transfer.

Tuesday, in Cherbourg, to try to contain anger at the hospital and emergency room. Thursday, in Marseille, with Pap Ndiaye, to look into the case at the school, which has also experienced severe recruitment difficulties. At the end of the week, in the written press, where he will give an interview at the end of the week according to opinion, Macron sought to occupy the farm. And in his “left”.

The choice of Marseille, where Mélenchon led the first round of the presidential election, and where NUPES established itself as the city’s main political force, was not small, despite the themes chosen: health, education , defense of “a radical ecology” … Too many choices that mark the will to create a new anchor of the “left” and that should allow the Head of State to respond to pressure made by the union around the “rebellious” legislative framework. One thing is for sure, neither the “information mission” announced for the hospital on Tuesday, nor the conduct of the school’s liberal experiment is likely to be convincing. Given the economic and social instability, it is expected that anger over the high cost of living will end in self-expression as dangerous. For public service salary and defense.

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