a former farmer enters politics and things start off badly …

Love is in the pasture highlights, each year, a skewer of loving farmers. And as with every season of the M6 ​​movie, viewers are more than happy to follow their sentimental adventures. Also, Objeko won’t teach you that audience engagement doesn’t always stop the broadcast of episodes of the program hosted by Karine Le Marchand. In fact, it’s usually for candidates to pursue a certain fame and for their fans to hear from them in the months or even years to come. So it’s from the former candidate’s Love is in the pasture which we will hear today. From a farmer who decided to get involved in politics and who has been chaining pots ever since… We told you all!

A former emblematic candidate of Love is in the pasture enter politics

It would appear that in order to maintain good relations with those around you, certain topics should not be discussed. Religion, money and politics are part of it. And some no doubt want to increase children’s education. If these topics are on the list of things to avoid, it’s because they’re dangerous. Disagreements can arise and if members of the discussion are not tolerated, it can be difficult to maintain a good understanding. Also, if this former candidate of Love is in the pasture enters politics, so he doesn’t mind losing some of his fans. Because, as readers ofObjeko Knowing this, small screen stars have always been popular on the Web. Then, they decided not to discuss these so -called sensitive topics to avoid hurting their fans.

But for this season 8 farmer, his political commitment is stronger than others. Proof also that he did not participate in the adventure Love is in the pasture to be popular with the public. Finding love is really Philippe Richié’s real passion. Because she did not participate once but twice in the program hosted by Karine Le Marchand. In fact, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the program, farmers who are still single after their passing are entitled to a second time. The public immediately sought out this popular candidate.

Now that our readers already know Philippe and remember him, let’s find out what it all was about his political “failures”.

A new career that was hard to start

The political commitment of this candidate to Love is in the pasture praiseworthy. And the readers ofObjeko recognize that this is not a topic that the candidates show address in front of the M6 ​​cameras. This is why not as a candidate for a TV film Philippe Richié intends to incorporate the political values ​​that are his. And perhaps even the fact of participating in such a television program will damage his candidacy in the legislative elections. Apparently Karine Le Marchand did not want to cause harm to the farmers she met. But it’s true that once they’re on television their lives can change.

However, according to information revealed in magazine columns Pure manseems not to be Love is in the pasture put a speech at the wheel of Philippe Richié’s political trials. The failures in question were more administrative at first. Because the prefecture recorded the registration for the elections of the former candidate by changing his name to Maurice! He was then marked as a “right-wing sovereign” even though he claimed not to. Also, our colleagues pointed out that if these details were corrected, Philippe Richié’s political label would have been changed to “different sovereign”. So a new mistake is like an insult for this farmer.

“I’m always on the left, on the other side! Above all, I am independent. One thing is for sure. I’m in for a radical change in the whole system. I am against neoliberal policy, the ECB, Europe, for exit from NATO. »he said in the columns of South-West. And finally, the former candidate Love is in the pasture did not produce outstanding scores during its last registration in the legislative elections. He got 0.10% of the vote under the De-globalization Party label.

Philippe Richié, farmer and candidate for season 8 of “Love is in the meadow” on M6

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