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Pimster today announced the collection of 2 million euros led by Kima, French Founder’s LeFonds and business angels such as Stéphane Levy (Labelium), Thibaud Elzière (E-Founders), Frédéric Montagnon (Arianee).

Launched at the end of 2021 by Baptiste Gamblin (CEO), Grégoire Galichon (COO) and Aubry d’Andoque (CTO), graduates of X and HEC and immersed in Station F, Pimster is a SaaS platform that helps brands to post purchase a sustainable lever of growth by reconnecting with their consumers. The startup thus guides users over the life of their product, from handling to the second life of the product, including maintenance and repair. Thus brands can interact and create customized content for each user. Pimster also helps brands better identify their consumers by collecting a lot of previously inaccessible data to personalize the experience and optimize conversion rates.

The idea for this project came from a simple observation: user manuals are complicated and 96% of users do not read them. Who hasn’t returned a product because they didn’t understand the manual or so-called after-sales service? Pimster solves this huge problem for brands by offering video story formats that explain every step of how to use the product, maintain it or repair it. Baptiste Gamblin, CEO of Pimster, explained: “When we surveyed the companies’ post -sale services, we immediately realized that more than 30% of post -sale service tickets were due to poor or non -reading of the manual in use. Historically regarded as a cost structure, after-sales service is now a real lever of growth for companies, especially through the sale of spare parts, personalization of the experience and loyalty to consumers. It is to develop and build all of these brand / user link opportunities that we have built Pimster »

As brands spend tens of millions of dollars in sales to get new users, then they will have a hard time joining them after the purchase. So Pimster decided to put technology at the heart of the customer experience and return the keys to customer relationships to brands through comprehensive support. These personal interactions are important because the average baskets increase by more than 140% after a tailored experience. ” Pimster is addressing a global issue affecting brands in all of their markets. Our mission is to support them with LeFonds and the FrenchFounders network for rapid and effective international development in line with their vision and ambition. » Géraldine Le Meur, General Partner LeFonds.

The startup has created a complete and customized tool to support users at every stage of their product life: digital user manuals in the form of stories, advice for product maintenance, repair guides with possibilities to purchase spare parts. The goal is to encourage customers to use their items to the best of their ability and thus ensure their resilience to promote a more eco-responsible approach. In fact, 70% of damages are due to poor maintenance. The algorithms developed by the tech team make it possible, from the data collected, to offer preventive maintenance and help brands make their devices more robust.

Pimster is developing an omnichannel solution, QR Code or site link, which aims to be a Web app that integrates all the content available to the customer. For businesses, Pimster has created a platform where they can easily update their content and create new content. The team also surrounds itself with a community of experts who are able to think and create the content of the videos step by step.

Pimster works with companies of all sizes, specializing in the field of home appliances, welfare, mobility and seeks to offer its services in many other sectors. Brandt Group, Maison Berger Paris, Voltaire or SelfCare1 have already submitted their tech start-up manuals. Thanks to this fundraiser, it aims to develop new equipment to further innovate post-purchase, European development and recruitment of employees, especially in technology and sales.

About Pimster

Pimster is a SaaS solution to enable brands to interact with their customers after a purchase. Its purpose is to speed up and optimize the use of products, to make them more efficient and more robust, but also to provide feedback from consumers to build customer loyalty with companies.

Today, companies like Brandt Group, Maison Berger Paris, Starlett or SelfCare1 rely on him.

More information at: https://www.pimster.app/

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