OMNES education, new campus and high ambition

Located in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, just meters from its historic campus, the OMNES Education group recently inaugurated a new campus for some of its schools. A few days later, our teams entered this new naval-inspired building.

“We want to make this campus a real home,” said Thomas Allanic, director of INSEEC Grande École. Avenue Claude Vellefaux, next to the historic INSEEC campus, a new space will open at the end of May. Instead of a former police armory, the Vellefaux 2 has changed. Exposed metal bars in the style of the Eiffel Tower, connecting the floors and hallways together on a central island; this is a result of the architects ’desire to build a safe space while respecting the original obvious architecture. The highlight of this new generation campus, is a large glass roof that gives way to great light and opens up the building to the world (beautiful metaphor for a higher education establishment).

Co-Working, the key word

“Now, we understand that group work is more effective for students,” explains Claire Souvigné, director of the Bachelor and MSc & MBA at INSEEC Paris. This is why, instead of an amphitheater, we chose to open and modular coworking space accessible to students day and night. The manager chose to design its building around the theme of the boat. “The floors are called” bridges “. On the upper deck, you will find a co-working space around an orange tree. The purpose is for students to travel”, explains Isabelle Collignon, director of Sup Career.

“Upper and lower deck”, co -working space at Vellefaux 2 (Credit: Maraggency – Barbara Lopes)

A real abode

The goal is clear: Vellefaux 2 should be a real living space. “We also discovered with students. The orange tree is attractive and soothing, we didn’t think of that. Like the piano we installed: when someone plays, the building seems to fit in “describes Claire Souvigné. Opened at the end of May, the campus is already appreciated by students:” They use the space. And even before it was all over, we felt the students were happy to come, to meet people. To ensure their comfort, everything is calculated. The heat is regulated, noise is isolated where it is needed, and street noise is hidden.

Next to the original building, management hopes to create an interaction between the two spaces: “In our desire to co-work, a living space, it is unreasonable to restrict access to the building. Several times a day, students from Vellefaux come here. It can be alive, ”Thomas Allanic hopes. On the hidden floors, bright and wide open spaces for administration. The cafeteria, next to the upcoming green space, can be a real addition for student life. “Our students don’t want to leave the area during closing time. Even if it is a security issue, we enjoy it. Our mission is successful,” Thomas Allanic said.

The “upper deck”, where Vellefaux 2 lives (Credit: Maraggency – Barbara Lopes)

Vellefaux 2, a masterpiece of OMNES Education’s ambitions

Post-Covid and innovative campus, each room is equipped for remote work. An incubator, a tasting room and a Bloomberg room were conceived. From September, a new OMNES Education campus will open at La Défense. 13,000 square meters following the group’s new trend where INSEEC exports to its Finance sectors. “For our students, being at the heart of La Défense is a dream.” With a 50 million euro investment plan, OMNES Education hopes to open a new campus in Rennes in 2023 and beyond Marseille in 2024. “This is considered growth. Here, we can accommodate a maximum of 700 students. We prefer the quality of space over the number of students per square meter.” From the beginning of the school year, the Vellefaux 2 will actually be put to the test.Hopefully the ship won’t be shaken by student storms.

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