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Thanks to the web, the sex market has recomposed and absorbed dignity in favor of pleasure and money. Investigate the forums and the new practices that have emerged there and, in fact, the culture that has emerged from them.
The breasts ofEkie Amihanan (popular district of Yaoundé) was abandoned, on March 15 at 9 a.m., when a dozen police officers cautiously entered a less-visible property. At least 10 students (female and male) from the Lycée d’Ékounou (in the 4th arrondissement of the capital) were arrested and taken to a Yaoundé police unit.

According to the first elements of the investigation that opened immediately, the interior of the space gave the appearance of a smooth start-up, “with computers and about forty mobile phones, neatly arranged nearby. in notebooks “. “Based on their auditions, we understand that this group of students were involved in sexual activity. The scenes were filmed and sold. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram “Blowing a source near the file.

“Compared to this story, for us, the sale of bold images on social networks is a recent addition, which naturally raises a set of questions surrounding the innovation it will bring. “, warns from the beginning Landry Fonkeu. According to the sociologist, the prostitution activity in its practice has a new face in Cameroon.

“Knowing the existence of forums dedicated to or close to prostitution, we took a few hours, as usual, to understand how it would work: the form to write, say in a few words what we wanted, what we don’t want., decide what picture we show, ”according to a police source.“ Actually, the wolf goes where there are sheep, ”he illustrates.

“It’s very sophisticated and intelligent how leaders manipulate others in a group,” says one expert. The rest of his description shows that it happens between girlfriends. Here a woman (administrator) offers her classmates to create a WhatsApp group. After having daughters (high school and college students), she can highlight the Facebook group to attract other women and potential customers. “Administrators target vulnerable young women by searching social networks.

They entice them by offering to fill in their “shortcomings”, whether they need to belong to a group or be valued, by inviting them on jet-set outings and by offering them luxury items, “said Fabrice. Takeudeu, founder of a digital watch firm in Yaoundé. He added:” Although it seems strange, some young women themselves offer their sexual accessories. service these forums.Sometimes minor, sometimes major, so they want to “challenge” and promote their luxurious way of life.

To get these services? Testimonies are netless, raw. According to a young man who calls himself “Paul”, “we present to you a catalog in which he has all the modalities to know; where to meet, prices per hour, how to have sex , not to mention that the cameras can be allowed if the price is right.After introducing yourself, you have to register a group and pay the amount of 2000 FCFA or 3000 FCFA.This is according to the groups through an account either by mobile money, or by orange money ”.

For Franky, another expert, attendants ’travel expenses are usually covered by the customer who has to deposit them in advance via electronic account. The contacts in the physical profiles are made available to the customer who makes his selection. It should be noted that the prices and services are offered according to the duration and quality of the services requested. 10,000 FCFA for an individual portion of two hours; 30,000 FCFA per day, 60,000 FCFA per partouse. Bids can go up to 100,000 francs depending on the quality of service, we know.

Nico, who presents himself as an “administrator” of a WhatsApp group dedicated to sexual encounters in Yaoundé, says he receives an average of 150 “female applicants” per day. . Knowing this manna, he concludes: “it pays!” Through a form of participatory financing, the subscriber pays directly to the creator, the platform gets a 20% commission on submission. Many criteria make it possible to maintain personal interactions, for example, the possibility of paying for drinks to obtain a particular “service”.

With a 75% increase in registrations in the month of March 2020, according to Nico, the network is starting to make a name for itself seriously. The platform is “a hit with young people”. “They know that now in Cameroon, sex forums are fast approaching for anyone with a relationship, with two hours of all services: unlimited women and unlimited beer,” he said. niya.

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