National consultation, one of the keys to revitalizing public schools

The Benmoussa department identified significant education reform efforts, particularly through its initiative to engage in institutional debate with various stakeholders, to contribute to the development of its roadmap for the public school. Are we moving towards a better and more equitable education system?

In response to a central oral question at the House of Councilors on “new consultations for Moroccan school reform”, Benmoussa outlined that in order to succeed in public school reform a determined stake for development is in Morocco, it is necessary to ensure the participation of all stakeholders in the development and implementation of the 2022-2026 roadmap.

These consultations will mobilize the participatory democratic approach outlined in the Constitution of the Kingdom as the basis for the development and implementation of public policies, set out in the recommendations of the New Development Model regarding the need for citizen participation. implementing public policies to evaluate them. The participation of all actors can enhance science, democracy and the rule of law in the sector governance process. The participation of citizens in the implementation of public policies is a demonstration of the capacity and modernization of the governance system.

What is needed to improve public education?

The Minister pointed out that these national consultations did not focus on assessing the reality of the education system, as the shortcomings and shortcomings of the latter were known in all its details through various evaluation studies conducted. , and through a variety of listening mechanisms. and communicating with citizens, including events within the framework of explaining the New Model of Development, noting that the conclusions drawn from the various evaluations are invested in explaining the roadmap of environment in which these consultations are conducted.

In a school reform program, education is reformed for better teaching and learning to improve the quality of education across the country. In analyzing education reforms, an overview of the reasons, objectives, applications and outcomes is required.

In this sense, Benmoussa recalled the most important goals his department sought to achieve through these consultations, in particular to encourage an open institutional discussion with various actors and stakeholders. on reform priorities over the next five years, to develop a reflection to improve the roadmap by combining it with suggestions that have emerged from the field and from actors and stakeholders. It is also a question, according to the Minister, to encourage key players and colleagues at all levels of the education system to actively participate and commit, each according to their responsibilities, to fulfill the roadmap.

The educational show puts teachers in crosshairs

Benmoussa indicated that the ministry has chosen to launch these consultations from schools, covering the centrality of reform schools, by engaging the first beneficiaries of the school service, namely students, their mother, father and their teachers, as well as the main actors, including teachers and various members of the educational body.

In this haya, the competence and participation of teachers in public schools remains a constant topic of debates on national education and education performance in Morocco. Many people view failing schools as products of their environment, saying that poor and crime-ridden areas have the worst schools.

However, towns have failed because of schools, not the other way around. The proof of this is that, for Benmoussa, “the revitalization of the education system is accomplished by placing public schools at the center of a social project”. This vision supports the idea that education can really change society, by providing better education, schools can also create better communities.

So the problem is not the environment, but the schools themselves. Without active and enthusiastic teachers, it is more difficult for students to do well because they are uneducated and, for the most part, are indifferent. Children learn from the adults in their lives, and if their teachers don’t show a concerted effort to teach, then so do children learn.

The consultations in question depend, according to Benmoussa, on proximity policy through its geographical scope and the adoption of school basins to better interact with the specifics and local realities of education, and on the many pathways of participation at the national and local levels, demonstrated by organizing focus groups, territorial meetings, scientific seminars and round tables, in addition to thematic forums open to all civil activities society and all citizens on the electronic platform dedicated to consultations.

Therefore, about 6,200 discussion groups will be organized at the level in all regions of the Kingdom and 80 meetings at the provincial level, he said, saying that the ministry is adopting an experimental way of organizing these meetings. consultation, which will continue until the end of June 2022, and whose pilot phase will be launched in the Marrakech-Safi region, before it is generalized to all regions of the Kingdom.

In addition to consultations, understanding school reform as a process of development will provide a way to understand the need for greater engagement with communities and especially with teachers as meaningful partners in the reform and success process.

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