“My love”: with open hearts

With the movie My love, Filmmaker David Teboul faced the death of his partner by going to Siberia to interview men and ages of all ages to find out what “love” means. A personal and actionable quest.


“PWhy is it so painful to love and to stop loving? » There are unanswered questions that are satisfying and yet everyone is already asking themselves. It was confronted by Director David Teboul, following the early death of his colleague. Producer Frédéric Lauzy is 39 years old, and the one who has not stopped loving him despite the storms and separations felt immediately. “guilty” of not being able to save him from his addiction, of not being able to pull him out of a race into the pit that takes the form of “simultaneous paroxysm of happiness and destruction”. Death took over half of his story, becoming half amnesiac due to the loss of their shared memories. What happens if no one shares it with you anymore? How to ensure their authenticity without third party confirmation? “Time spent becomes a form of happiness and then disaster strikes”, thus says the narrator of this highly contemplative film, who is never attracted to this retrospective illusion. It begins with the image of a frozen steppe and the short account, in sound off, in a relationship ten years before evoking the present “white in memory”. This scene is in Siberia where David Teboul went “check the memory of others” hoping for his change. On the edge of a cold and desolate land, he asked men and women of all ages, who had experienced political turmoil and personal drama, what “my love” meant to them. The acquisition of a Durassian style, including lengths, thus connects its life stories. “Extreme Russia”, sometimes nostalgic for the USSR, and the echoes of his own life, wondering what remained when all was lost. Asking questions like an investigator and filmmaker like a documentary filmmaker, David Teboul, best known for a recent film by Hervé Guibert, prefers to talk about “intimate fiction”. This step back, which actually allows you to get closer to yourself by moving away, is named after Michel Tournier. “extime”. Unlike self-retreat, this movement, both literary and sociological, is based on a “centrifugal movement of discovery and conquest”. The author adds: “Things, animals and people on the outside are always more interesting to me than my own mirror. Socrates’ famous” know yourself “has always been a meaningless command for me. By opening my window or going through my door I find inspiration. » This is how David Teboul made his cinema from the outside.

My love / By David Teboul / In theaters June 15 / Duration: 2h52

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His last film, 3 Hearts, captivated us. After Farewell to the Queen, adaptation of the historical novel by Chantal Thomas, Benoît Jacquot confronts Benoît Poelvoorde, experienced tax auditor brought in love, to meet two sisters, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Chiara Mastroianni. Is it possible for two brothers to love each other, one by the other? What are we looking for and what do we want in a loved one? While tactfully raising these questions, the film finally allows the heart, a weak but resilient heart, to take the place of thinking. And then there’s this interview. Faced with Socrates ’questions, the director has the word“ he ”in his mouth. Is that the same guy? Without a doubt. On the condition of agreeing that, in Benoît Jacquot’s life as well, the mind sometimes allows itself to be dominated by effects.

Benoit Jacquot.  Jacquot defeated the

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At first glance, the affective register of love is rather independent of knowledge or understanding. You can love someone who doesn’t understand their character or their motives. You can love a dish without knowing how it is prepared or knowing its ingredients. It can also be said that the less we understand, the more we love. When Swann, Proust’s hero, realizes who Odette is, whom he is madly in love with (an indulgent cocotte), his love for her disappears.


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President of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) from 2000 to 2008, Jean-Hervé Bradol now oversees Crash. This “Center for reflection on humanitarian action and knowledge” conducts MSF action studies, contributing much to the debate on the issues, limitations and limitations of humanitarian action.

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