Fifteen years in prison is required for a former “not crazy” teacher to try to rape

Gabriel Loison, former professor at the “University of Nature and Ecology of the Relationship” during his appeal before the Rennes Court of Appeal, September 19, 2017 (AFP / LOIC VENANCE)

A fifteen-year prison sentence was sought on Thursday against former teacher Gabriel Loison, a “sex-obsessed leader” tried before a Loire-Atlantique criminal court for raping vulnerable people and raping vulnerable people. abuse of weakness.

The Advocate General sought fifteen years of criminal imprisonment accompanied by a partial conviction of ten years with a previous sentence pronounced for similar facts in 2017 at the Assize Court of Appeal in Ille-et-. Vilaine. Gabriel Loison was arrested in 2011.

During his requisitions, the Advocate General focused on the “desire for domination” of a “not crazy” man, for whom sex is an “obsession in which his entire system hides”.

Four former followers of the “University of Nature and Ecology of the Relationship”, three women and a man, accused its founder of sexual assault and rape, which also provoked beatings and humiliation.

The 82-year-old former teacher, white-haired and goatee, who has been showing up since Monday, was criticized from the dock for a “culture of lies”, explaining in a hoarse voice that he was just having sex. miuyon.

Asked during the hearing about the fellatio he would inflict on one of the victims, Gabriel Loison shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t ejaculate, it was to teach him how to do it. I didn’t like it,” she said.

Regarding a former follower who accused him of inserting a finger into her vagina without permission, he calmly replied: “There’s no sexual nature to that.”

According to her, this “exploration” was practiced “during therapy” and where this woman would have agreed, in order to cure her “breathing problem”.

– “Little soldier” –

The former partner of Gabriel Loison, attempted conspiracy and was acquitted during the first trial, this time on the bench of civil parties.

Julie Baschet, 48, explained that she had been “brainwashed” and “sex slave” by Gabriel Loison for five years.

“I became a real little soldier,” he recalls amid tears.

At the bar, arms crossed behind his back, he recounted Gabriel Loison’s hands passing under his dress and his chest from his “start”, then “holding” someone who made him “cut off social dialogue.”.

In a trembling voice, he described an extremely violent sodomy that would “tear him apart”.

The statements “signed Judas”, were erased by the accused during his interrogation.

When the president asked him if he used condoms during group sex and when he was outing at swingers clubs, he replied: “For what?”

– “Feathers” –

Former professor of “Garden of life”, listed as a sect by the parliamentary committee on sects in 1995, Gabriel Loison then founded the “University of nature and ecology in relation”, which is presented as a research collective that trained “Masters”. in health ”through various courses.

To his future followers, Gabriel Loison offered a first trial session in Morocco. The “start” continues with a three -week stay in Costa Rica or Spain charged at 10,000 euros. Then came the 72-day course with tantrism and group sex.

One of the complainants claimed to have suffered during a “punitive sodomy” committed by followers with sex toys but orchestrated by Gabriel Loison.

“It’s a whole process of seeing myself as a victim. In those years, I may have had sex with people who felt pressured,” said the young man, kneeling.

When he joined “University” at the age of 20, he explained that he felt “honored” to be part of a “small elite” that gave him the impression that “on the good side, like The Lord of the Rings “.

The young man took out “five or six loans” for five years to spend on lessons and stay. “Loison takes people, it’s a pit.”

The verdict is expected Thursday night.

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