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The Yes! celebrates its tenth anniversary still with the same formula, magical and unchanged, creating unconditional success since its inception: “Harmful music, family and friendly humor”.

Under the leadership of a trio of programmers/organizers (yes, another Festival specific Yeah! All multitasking) made up of Arthur Durigon, Nicolas Galina and Laurent Garnier, the line-up is rather diverse and sharp. Because if none of the three are from the same musical vein, they all have the same dose of curiosity: “Everyone brings their ideas / desires then they decide together and in full democracy” answer those interested in one voice. Here, the program is constantly updated, not the same project twice. “Yes! draws anywhere music tastes, all over the world. Let’s take the example of the group Los Bitchos, on their own, they represent Uruguay, Australia, England and Sweden! »

This year, about fifteen groups will take turns over three days and three nights at this festival which is renowned for its eclecticism and caustic programming. They will primarily play at the Château, the Cellars, the Auditorium of the Fruitière Numérique; to this will of course add the famous DJ sets of the village, located 40 km from Aix-en-Provence, in the very beautiful village of Lourmarin.

As for the payment program in the courtyard of the beautiful castle that overlooks the village, (which fell into ruins in the late 19th century, it served as a refuge for wanderers and passing gypsies before now housed the Robert Laurent Cultural Foundation – Vibert), it has been on sale since tickets went on sale and sold out in less than 15 minutes: “Which means the public no longer even bothers to consult the program: They hurry with their eyes closed, completely trusting us, they come to discover bands we can’t find anywhere – a chance for us” rejoiced the three programmers who determined that every year, the free village day program was filled with crazy ideas. “Among the new features, the Hangar Yeah! At Digital Fruitière, is the smallest nightclub of the day where you can dance on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 6pm.»

Late arrivals will not be left out thanks to the many offers spread throughout the village free and open to all: Exhibition, round tables, big petanque tournament, Sunday lotto, Sound village, Skeuds day, concert hall at Caves du Château or in the Fruitière Numérique auditorium, a giant nightclub with “DJing on DJ sets” with the particular participation of the faithful Jules-Edouard Moustic. For the luckiest players, it is better to always go to Buy / sell tickets on the official ZePass exchange.

On the financial side, valuable patrons, private and institutional partners and various supports make it possible to organize and sustain this beautiful event: “We’re not the same way as many other big festivals, but we’re juggling our possibilities and the desire of so many artists to play with us, even in milder conditions: another chance for us” 42% of the public are from the South region and Île-de-France, from all over France and some foreigners. “The first edition is DIY: organized by friends for friends, with music groups of friends. The organization is refined every year, to include more retailers and Lourmarinois.es of all ages, so that everyone – and especially the locals – can find their account and enjoy themselves. artist ”.

In short, the return of the sunny days.

Loraine Adam

Festival Yes! – June 3 – 4 – 5, 2022 (Lourmarin – 84)

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Editor’s choices:


Bordelais ARTHUR SATÀN and his rock sixties seventies:

GASPAR CLAUS, bright cellist who divides genres:


DOMBRANCE where disco, techno, funk and pop happily collide:

LOS BITCHOS, four psychedelic rock musicians who love cumbia and garage rock:

HYPERACTIVE LESLIE, solo project on drums by Antonin Leymarie.


LA JUNGLE, guitar-drums duo from Mons (Belgium) developing a radical Trance-Rock.

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