DIRECT. Legislative: the poster of a Nupes candidate is lowered with a swastika


Jean-Luc Mélenchon offered Michel Sardou to meet him

“Mr. Michel Sardou will you give me an interview? I want to convince you to stay in France once we win “, Nupes leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon posted on Twitter.” Many French people love you and the country needs your love too, “he continued.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon stood up in an interview given by the artist’s Paris Match. In it, Michel Sardou is strong vis-à-vis the former presidential candidate: “Mélenchon has always been excessive. Now he has declared himself Prime Minister … Attention, danger! If he wins, I will dismiss. Or if not , I declared Normandy a duchy and I put up barriers everywhere. »


Baker Stéphane Ravacley, Nupes candidate, targeted with a racist tag and swastika

An election poster of the candidate in the Besançon environment is covered with a large black swastika and the word “Nègre”, the artisan said on Thursday. “I was nauseous, how base,” he told AFP. On Twitter, he indicated his intention to file a complaint.

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59 “schools of the future” in Marseille

Le Parisien said Thursday morning that this system of “schools of the future” could be generalized anywhere from September. Marseille currently has 59 “schools of the future”, created there since the “Marseille en grand” plan, announced on September 2, 2021


Macron wants to generalize the experience to the “schools of the future”, tested in Marseille in the coming months

The Head of State announced this during his trip to the city of Marseille on Thursday. This is, at the very least, the “ambition” of the new Minister of National Education, Pap N’Diaye, who accompanies him. This system consists of repairing schools, which are invited in exchange for the construction of new educational projects.


In Saint-Tropez, Zemmour finds himself the “only right-wing candidate” facing the outgoing Macronist

Candidate for legislative elections and campaigning in the Saint-Tropez market, the former journalist presents himself as “the one who is able to unite all rights and all right people”.

“I’m not on the right,” he told our AFP colleagues. Actually, I am the only candidate on the right wing. ”


Several people were arrested after the attack on a Reconquest candidate in Nantes

Cécile Scheffen, Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) legislative candidate for Reconquest, said on Twitter that she was attacked by “far left militias” as she put up posters. The video posted by the candidate on Twitter shows several young men asking them to “clean up”.

Several people were taken into custody, France 3 reported. Police custody resumed Wednesday night and continued on Thursday.


Meta moves against avoidance

The government and the NGO “A Voté” have created a series of content to be deployed in the next few days on Facebook and Instagram, they announced in a press release. This animated content in short format will also be relayed to the social networks themselves, which will support increasing their distribution thanks to the allocation of dedicated advertising coupons.

Meta will also start in the coming days posting Facebook messages that will redirect them to a page on the Ministry of the Interior website with all the information that will allow them to better understand how the ballot works, create a power of attorney, to examine. their electoral status, or find their polling station. Notices reminding the conduct of the election will also be distributed in both rounds of voting.


Neither Borne nor Le Pen wanted to debate

France 3 organizes debates on its local antenna with candidates in the legislative elections. Eric Zemmour did so, as did Jean-Michel Blanquer… But in their respective constituencies, Marine Le Pen and Elisabeth Borne declined to debate. More information in our article.


Legislative elections will be held between the majority and Mélenchon, according to Bergé

“We will take (Editor’s note: the dynamics of Nupes) seriously because, in the media and in the polls, the only one who exists now, apart from the presidential majority, is Jean-Luc Mélenchon ”, explained Aurore Bergé, deputy president of the LREM group in the National Assembly.


Jean-Marie Le Pen regretted not coming

“The election will not reflect the deep thinking of the French,” according to a video posted on YouTube of former National Front (now National Rally) leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, father of Marine Le Pen. The founding party considered abstinence to be the main reason.


The portfolios of the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Energy Transition are relatively unclear

Amélie de Montchalin, for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, for Energy Transition, shared the attributions of Barbara Pompili, former Minister for Ecological Transition, but also Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, l ex -Minister of Transport.

Amélie de Montchalin particularly inherited issues of sustainable development, biodiversity protection, planning and combating urban sprawl. Issues of housing quality, energy efficiency and the fight against inappropriate housing are also his responsibility. Building reform and energy production policy are still at the forefront of both ministries.

Together with the Minister for Energy Transition, the Minister for Ecological Transition also provides for “adaptation to climate change, air quality and technical regulations for vehicles”.

For her part, Agnès Pannier-Runacher defined and implemented “energy policy, in order, in particular, to ensure security of energy supply and access, to fight against climate change and to improve the transfer of energy ”.


The Animalist Party is full of candidates

For the first time it will currently present 421 legislative candidates. Our article.


Many ministers support legislative candidates

If they are kept in reserve as a minister, nothing can stop them from moving on time and with their personal finances (or their party’s). Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire will travel to Haut-Rhin, to support former minister Brigitte Klinkert, candidate for the first constituency. And Culture Minister Rima Abdul-Malak visited Lyon to support LREM candidate in the legislative election Anne Brugnera.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, was not as stingy in electoral support as Antony, on May 11 with Maud Bregeon (Renaissance). Twitter/Maud Bregeon.


From accusations against Liverpool supporters to an apology

After the chaotic night of the Champions League final, Saturday May 28, the controversy continues. The target of many criticisms about the policing strategies used, the Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, had to adjust his communication strategy, following discussions with the Prime Minister in particular. Our details.


Mélenchon will remove Lallement “in three weeks”

The rebel leader, who held a meeting this Wednesday night in Paris, considered the left “in the process of carrying out a historic task”. To gather. And win the election. Within days Jean-Luc Mélenchon declared himself a winner before his time. That’s why he even announced first steps, such as the removal of Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, who has been accused of using excessive force, especially in the context of the Stade de France incidents. He is in Vienne to defend Nupes this Thursday.


Did Antoine Peillon do the job?

Passed by an oil and energy giant, Antoine Peillon, appointed Secretary General for Ecological Planning did not do any work, according to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, asked about this topic in France Info. On the contrary, the Minister considered that it is necessary to identify the industries that are polluting to help them make their transition.

Prior to this post intended to unify the action of the Borne-Pannier-Runacher-Montchalin trio, Antoine Peillon was the Prime Minister’s Ecology Advisor.


A controversial impact of the Stade de France on legislative elections?

Olivier Véran did not think that the progress to the Champions League final in Paris on Saturday, marked by a criticized police organization and a controversy over the number of fake tickets, would not affect the campaign. “I heard the government spokesman say that Gérald Darmanin has confidence in the president,” he added.

LP/Arnaud Dumontier


Véran points to Mélenchon… and wants “at all costs to avoid an election accident”

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants us to believe that if he has a majority, he will come out of NATO’s integrated command while there is war in Ukraine”, the LCI thundered the former Health Minister and candidate in Isère’s legislative elections. The Insoumis leader “is not my cup of political tea, nor what we need for France today”, added one who wants “at all costs to avoid an election accident”.


Pannier-Runacher defends himself ecologically

Criticized in particular by Nupes for being too pro-industrial and not green enough, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition, defended herself: “I am the first Minister of Industry to return to France on the trajectory of reducing carbon emissions. I want to do this in the energy sector more often “.


Pap Ndiaye, first political trip

After a very symbolic college trip in which Samuel Paty was assassinated, Pap Ndiaye, who has yet to experience the election or reveal steps about the school, made his first trip directly involved with Macron’s program. Will he apply the instructions? Will he try to mark the difference with his predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanquer? Responses in a few hours.

Pap Ndiaye was the minister who was most surprised during the reshuffle, by his profile contradicting his predecessor. AFP/Stephane de Sakutin.


The “school of the future”, according to Macron

In Marseille this Thursday, Emmanuel Macron and Pap Ndiaye, Minister of Education, planned to lease the “school of the future”, the new organization of establishments, tested in 59 of them. With, as a key step, directors recruiting their own teachers. Problem: the actors involved believe it is too early to investigate. Our article.


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