Avalanche (AVAX) wants to welcome the Otherside from Bored Ape and ApeCoin (APE)

Avalanche is excited to be the new platform for the APE token ApeCoin DAO and its Otherside metaverse project. This is in line with a proposal submitted by the first layer blockchain platform. This change could be beneficial because it will help the ApeCoin community work with cheaper gas fees and faster network speeds.

Migration from the Otherside metaverse to the Avalanche blockchain

Features of Blockchain Avalanche

Avalanche is a first layer blockchain that presents itself as a faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum. It is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a computer environment that Ethereum applications use to operate.

Second, Avalanche allows individual applications to create their own blockchains called subnets or subnet in French. These subnets may have different levels of security. Blockchains can use their own native tokens for transaction fees.

Project Avalanche team recommended ApeCoin DAO teams to deploy as such subnet in the blockchain. This sub-network can easily focus on metaverse and NFT themes. If this proposal sees the light of day, it will follow another large community, the game Play-to-Earn DeFi Kingdoms.

Attractive tone of Avalanche

ApeCoin represents an Ethereum token used in the Otherside metaverse but also the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. Ava Labs CEO Emin Gün Sirer and Chief Strategy Officer Philip Liu Jr. showed Avalanche’s interest in attracting the ApeCoin DAO (the governing body of ApeCoin).

We propose that ApeCoin DAO launch the Otherside metaverse on a subnet of the Avalanche blockchain. This is to support the future growth of the Otherside community through faster transaction processing, higher throughput, greater scalability and lower gas fees.“, by Avalanche on his pitch.

Possible migration issues

When this proposal is discussed, community members and Bored Ape users have conflicting views. Many members are pushing for the desire to keep Ape Coin as part of the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, the focus should be on scalability with an available layer 2 solution. According to them, moving to a different network can cause problems.

If his NFTs are sold ” the other side Last month, Yuga Labs, a major contributor to ApeCoin DAO, complained about the congestion of the Ethereum network and high gas fees. He also expressed interest in developing his own blockchain to improve scalability requirements. Since Yuga Labs is looking to create its own blockchain, Avalanche has officially approached ApeCoin’s DAO.


The proposal, made on the ApeCoin DAO forum, is a bold move. It is still in the introductory stage of discussion. We don’t yet know to what extent this evolution will be accepted or not, maybe it will go through a formal governing vote. Ideally, it is currently unknown whether the DAO has control over the metaverse or not within the project.

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