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“Teleworking forces us to change the way we communicate, to say things we’re not used to saying.”

The cross-interviews were conducted with the aim of better understanding the customer relationship actors of the companies Selected Customer Service in the Year 2022. Now, it’s Eurécia’s turn, awarded in the Software publisher category.

What do you like most about your job?

Yaël TENREIRO: I like human relationships, contact with people. Collective creation and sharing. To work together to build with teams and our customers, strong, quality and reliable relationships.

What I love is striving for goodness. Be efficient, in line with human values! Behind it there is the sharing of ideas, debates, respect, beautiful things that our customers have, which requires a good relationship with our colleagues.

Work together and be successful. Not alone. To feel this collective success there, because we coordinated, it was great! If we can achieve something alone it’s good, and if we all do it together, it’s even better.

What I like about my job: this synergy of service in customer relationships!

Managing remote teams… What’s the difference?

YT: The difference than the perception of another. Sometimes it is not very liquid. Because people are not made in words alone. It is also non-verbal language that disappears in the distance, it creates gaps in understanding and in the distance, feelings are sometimes distorted. We don’t collaborate very often.

However, our profession teaches us to understand emotions, the unspoken, by phone or in writing. Plus, if you want to interact with people, you can learn to listen.

Telecommuting forces us to reinvent our way of communicating, to say things we are not used to saying. That turned out to be positive. And act like customers, paying special attention to each employee.

Winning/Participating, what is the most important thing for you in the Customer Service of the Year Election?

YT: What matters is what happens around. What it creates. In the sense that it allows us to question ourselves, to improve ourselves.

It is true that when we participate, it is because we believe we have our opportunities and that it is time to prove it to others.

This is an opportunity to show everyone that Eurécia is committed to the ideas of trust, reliability, quality, efficiency and a sense of service. We want to create excitement in our company, our solution and our business. Make sure they are associated with positive emotions.

Also, winning remains important because there is a lot of effort: we expect to see them rewarded and recognized. Our customers tell us we’re good: it’s time to prove it to others!

It was a good adventure, common, whatever the outcome. Strong. Full of emotion and question.

Working as a team, what is the right recipe?

Jérémy CHATAIN: The first ingredient is to have a good process. Everyone needs to know what to do. It is a base, a structure from which one can be independent. This process is set up by the manager but it is a cooperative process, the result of collective intelligence.

The second is to be part of a positive and kind human relationship: with my group we not only talk about work but we really share life’s moments.

And lastly, it’s about having team spirit! Working in a team means being driven by projects we want to do together, often with goals!

What, on a daily basis, pushes you to excel yourself, to always keep going?

JC: Recognition pushes me to be more than myself. It’s very personal, but I want to be efficient at what I do and I like it to be recognized. I am efficient because I know I can help others. Neither my manager nor my colleagues. I like to feel that people have confidence in me, that they can say “Jérémy did that and it’s great”.

If I can make the day of one of my clients better every day, then I am happy. My goal is to provide a unique and satisfying personal experience. It’s also because I feel good at Eurécia and my team that I want to satisfy my customers and excel myself.

Alone, or in a team, is your most beautiful memory?

JC: Solo, I was thinking about the long exchange with a client who had just come to support. He spent a few minutes of his time thanking me very much on the phone. During his upcoming calls, he told other team members that I was good and he adored me: really touching.

As a team, the important thing is to share all these moments every day. If there was only one, I would say it was when we made a video to ask for a good cure from one of our clients. The whole team was involved, and the client was deeply touched. It was a beautiful moment.

On a day-to-day basis, my entire team is important to my motivation. And especially Yaël, my manager whom I respect and love very much.

Thanks to Yaël TENREIRO and Jérémy CHATAIN for their testimony.

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