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“It’s a collective challenge that goes beyond customer relationships really.”

The cross-interviews were conducted with the aim of better understanding the customer relationship actors of the companies Selected Customer Service in the Year 2022. Now, it is the turn of LDLC, awarded in the category Distribution- distribution of technical products.

Managing remote teams… What’s the difference?

Winston PRIAM: LDLC’s customer relations (like many others) have faced an unprecedented job for the past 18 months. Remote management means giving your team members more frequent proof of trust. Empower and inspire initiatives and then share experiences. I don’t think we need to talk anymore. However, you need to communicate effectively. However, it is necessary to create or even sanctuary areas and moments of expression and decompression to maintain the bond and unity of the team.

Doing better tomorrow … Is it possible?

WP: In terms of Customer Relations, I think it’s always possible to do better. By simply listening and paying attention to customer feedback, see what we can bring in organizational terms to continually improve the service provided by customers. And then tools evolved like contact channels (traditional channels like phone and email, we have mixed chat, social networks). Other developments such as instant messaging, voice assistant are going on that will definitely have an impact on our businesses in the coming years.

Winning/Participating, what is the most important thing for you in the Customer Service of the Year Election?

WP: Win ??. Winning the title in their category means that every member of the Customer Relations team can give their best and that together, the best service can already be provided to their customers. We’re talking about Customer Service Choice of the Year, but many other services are involved: web development teams, DSI and infrastructure that ensure error -free operation of the site and tools that allow management of requests of our customers (telephony, online forms, chat, CRM software, etc.). It’s a collective challenge that goes beyond customer relationships really.

What does your customer feel mean?

Teddy MOQUET: Having and feeling the customer means knowing you put yourself in their place and won’t leave them unresponsive. When a client contacts me, I try to understand his or her need before he or she creates it.

It’s not a way to save time, on the contrary, it’s a way to try to put myself in his place from the beginning to better respond to him. Showing empathy, being natural, not responding like a robot, are all points I pay attention to when contacting customer service. I use my expectations to meet our clients.

Working as a team, what is the right recipe?

TM: Good atmosphere and communication are essential. We remain in constant contact with each other for various exchanges of information.

Whether it’s technical feedback or consulting files, we place great importance on sharing so that everyone stays efficient.

What, on a daily basis, pushes you to excel yourself, to always keep going?

TM: We are encouraged every day by our managers and by Laurent. We know how to make ourselves happy when all is well, and we also have the “right to progress”.

It is important and encouraging to know that we are supported by our successes as well as our mistakes. It really inspires me to give the best of my work.

Thanks to Winston PRIAM and Teddy MOQUET for their testimonials.

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