What is personal data management for the future Meta metaverse?

Marc Zuckerberg’s company has been repeatedly criticized, with scandals behind it, for collecting and selling personal data of its users. As Facebook has become Meta and its ambitions for the cryptocurrency ecosystem have become more and more apparent, a fear has arisen in the minds of those who defend a certain purity of this ecosystem. In this sense the reaction of the president of the BSV Association must be understood. Meta was later asked not to store users ’data in its future metaverse on Meta servers, but in a public blockchain.

Transparency and interoperability

Meta was working on a metaverse project, but even before it was implemented, the Bitcoin association Satoshi Vision sounded the alarm so that the bad experience of Meta users would not be brought back to the metaverse.

In an interview he gave to Cointelegraph, Nguyen said a global and interoperable metaverse ecosystem should include individual data stored in a public blockchain.

The advantage for Meta in doing this is that it can be an interface that connects a blockchain of applications to companies ’metaverse. It should allow other metaverses to access user data once users give their permission. “I hope Facebook / Meta will come up with a way to create a metaverse where they build the environment, but it’s not uncommon to store your identity and data on their own servers.”

The BSV blockchain can serve this purpose

To achieve these two goals of transparency and interoperability, Meta will need, according to the president of BSV, a scalable blockchain capable of managing multiple transactions and data. This is a criterion met by the BSV blockchain. “A successful metaverse requires a lot of data. Therefore, metaverse projects can benefit from integrating a massive-scale blockchain with high data capacity and low costs.

As such, Nguyen also shared his belief that the BSV blockchain could play a role in the metaverse in terms of payment and as a base ledger for all the data files needed by projects that want to build metaverse.

During one of the panels presented at the World Economic Forum (WEF), a senior executive from the Lego Group observed that the metaverse needs to be developed with the point of view of children in mind. Edward Lewin, the company’s vice president, said that children are the future users of metaverses, people need to focus on “building from the child’s point of view.”

Beyond social media, the metaverse, in the near future, will occupy an important part of our lives, as it will be called for in different aspects of our daily lives, whether education, health or entertainment. . The management to be done with the metaverse data is so decisive for it to be able to instill trust and experience widespread adoption.

Source: Cointelegraph.com

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