This is why you can get sunburn even if you put on sunscreen

You know the the sun can damage the skin and that it is necessary to protect it at the time of exposure to a Solar cream adapted. But beware: Applying sunscreen does not necessarily prevent sunburn.especially if you are worried about the 10 examples that follow.

Why you should avoid getting sunburn

Getting sunburn can damage the skin and bastahave sunburn every two years to triple the risk of developing melanoma. Better to be careful, avoid sun exposure in the hottest hours of the day, cover your arms and shoulders with a long t-shirt and stay in the shade as much as possible.

If you need to expose yourself in spite of everything, think about it put on sunscreen… but keep in mind that this is not enough to avoiding sunburn. Mao na!

Why do I have sunburn if I put on sunscreen?

Many factors can explain this unique (and unfair) phenomenon. This can be explained because:

I didn’t put on enough sunscreen

Sure, if you don’t put on enough sunscreen or don’t use it evenlyit cannot cover the whole body and therefore cannot protect the skin properly as it is bare in areas against UV rays.

I sneezed a lot after applying the cream

If you sweat a lot after using your sunscreen, the skin becomes oilier and wetter. the Solar cream disappear from the skin and can no longer protect as effectively. If you plan to exercise or you are very sweatyplan to dry yourself and then reapply yours Solar cream.

I use waterproof sunscreen

Apply waterproof sunscreen do not dispense to change their regular, because it is more water resistant than classic sunscreen but also not completely resistant to water, contrary to what may be suggested by its name. If you use and a classic or waterproof sunscreenso remember to reapply every 90 minutes.

I use sunscreen ineffectively

Oh, all brands of Solar cream not so capable with skin protectionand in general, the mineral sunscreen or natural formulas probably less effective than sunscreens with chemical filters. Try not to skim the quality of yours Solar creameven just buying a big pipe for the whole family, so much more eCONOMYand if you find that you Solar cream seems less effective and that you have Sunburnchanging brands.

I just wore sunscreen on the beach

We did not take any riskscatch sunburn just on the beach or by the pool. When the Sun point the tip of his nose, we can potentially have sunburn, though the sky was somewhat obscured. So make sure putting on sunscreen when you expose yourself.

I wear foundation with SPF instead of sunscreen.

If your foundation or tinted cream has a SPF 30 indexit is a priori as efficient as a classic sunscreen… in theory. Because really, you don’t apply a lot of foundation Solar cream, which means we are less protected. The best thing to do isPut your sunscreen under your foundation for truly effective protection.

I never wore sunglasses

You want to look but you don’t especially without traces of glasses… as a result, you ignore sunglasses the sun, if you are in Sun. This is the mistake that should not be made, because sunburn in the eyeit’s there too!

We’re talking in this case corneal burn or keratitis, and it’s really painful. For prevention of eye disease and suffering unnecessarily during your vacation, mind you always wear sunglasses if you expose yourself or the light is high.

I use anti acne products

Most of anti acne care consists of exfoliant chemicals that purify the skin and making it more sensitive to the sun. If you are on anti-acne treatment, watch out and stay in the shade to avoid unpleasant surprises.

I have antibiotics

When we were taking antibioticsthe skin can be prone to what is called phototoxic dermatitis, an inflammation that occurs after several hours of exposure and which looks like sunburn. If you take antibioticsthe shadow can be your best friend because Sunscreen will not protect you should be 100%.

I am allergic to sunscreen

or every time you put on sunscreen, your skin burnseven after a few ten minutes, it could be because you are allergic to sunscreen. In this case, try a sunscreen for sensitive skin which is more appropriate.

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