The shortage of teachers did not save the Clermont-Ferrand academy

Six positions in English, four in EPS, seven in French, two in physics-chemistry… On the website of the rectorate of Clermont-Ferrand, the list of teaching positions to be filled this June 1 in colleges and high schools of he academy gives the measure of scarcity.

Among the advertisements for the recruitment of contract workers in the physical sciences, that of the multipurpose high school in Haute-Auvergne, in Saint-Flour, dates… from November 2021. It will not disappear before the summer, ” because there is ‘no substitute,’ assures the principal, Laurent Bouillin.

The establishment of 620 students has accumulated no substitute absences this year. On SVT, if a teacher is gone for a month. In French, when a teacher was arrested in January. “His three teammates took over, depending on their schedule, when they were already working overtime,” the principal explained.
Generally first, they were able to give 2h30 in French per week, due to the baccalaureate. But the second class was less lucky. It takes the unexpected arrival of a contractor in early May to keep all classes going.

In physical science, to cope with the loss of a teacher in November, Laurent Bouillin also had to use “patches”, math teachers from vocational high school, which are available because their students are in internship.

But since March 28, physics and chemistry courses (excluding specialties) are no longer offered in some second and first general classes.
When parents of Sanflorain high school students and teachers expressed their anger and their concerns, heard up to the rectorate, the entire academy was really struggling to replace their teachers.
Why do we lack teachers?

The observation is the same as anywhere in France: National Education provides posts to establishments, according to their number, but there are no longer enough teachers to occupy them.
If the positions remain vacant, first of all “because teachers prefer not to apply for their work in these positions”, said Peggy Voisse, director of human resources at Clermont academy. “It’s a variable, we can have difficulty with subjects one year and other subjects the next year.”
You also have to deal with year -round departures, unexpected losses… “Temporary management is always complicated”, says Peggy Voisse. The rectorate’s human resources head counted, this week, “83 losses in more than fifteen days that have not been replaced”, which remains “something acceptable”.
“It may not be new, but it’s getting worse”, slice Marc Bellaigue, of Snes-FSU, the leading teachers ’union, criticizing“ an accounting logic ”.

“For many years, we have not opened enough competitive positions and we have asked teachers to work an extra two hours to get paid.»

Marc Bellaigue

Not enough open positions and competition in secondary education that are no longer full. “The profession is no longer attractive”, analyzed Bernard Slusarczyk, principal of Albert-Camus college, in Clermont-Ferrand, and secretary of SNPDEN 63, the union of school principals.

“There is a low wage level, of course. But people are also aware of the difficulty of work. Teaching is not just about knowing a discipline and passing on knowledge, it is an educational and social job, you have to get to know the child… ”

Bernard Slusarczyk

In numbers. The Clermont-Ferrand academy has 7,500 permanent second-degree teachers (college and high school) in public education, 498 replacement zone (TZR) holders, 1,037 contractual teachers (replacements are recruited by a fixed- term contract, does not need to be full -time positions, and has a baccalaureate level diploma + 3 equivalent to the teaching discipline). As of June 1, there are 83 vacant positions (absences of more than fifteen days have not been replaced).

Why are TZRs not enough?

TZRs can replace teachers on maternity leave, on sick leave, on training, and so on.

From now on, “they are automatically placed in unfilled positions at the start of the school year”, said Richard Commeau, Clermont high school principal Ambroise-Brugière and academic secretary of the SNPDEN. “So as long as there are absentees, they can’t be replaced. »

Contract workers are the solution, but no more.

Due to the lack of available TZRs, National Education has become accustomed to calling on contractual workers. Even more so this year, to deal with the health crisis. They are 1,037 in the academy, with a total of 7,500 teachers in tenure.

Some profiles are different. Students remain in most of the city, but now only 20% of contract workers (220) are under 30 years old. There are also many of them (225) who are over 55 years old.

This breeding ground has dried up everywhere, in rural areas, which are less attractive and far from university centers, such as urban areas, where the potential is greater.

“Contract workers always have the same positions, they can be away from their home, they depend every year on an opinion given by the head of the establishment for their re-employment, it is a serious risk”,

Marc Bellaigue, of Snes-FSU

These contractors are especially looking to restore professional and personal life. “What was acceptable in terms of geographical distance a few years ago is no more,” said Peggy Voisse, the rectorate.

It is also common to see new recruits come back when they discover the difficulty of the job.

Results? “It is already difficult to find contract workers, and even more difficult to recruit and workers with employment contracts, Richard Commeau lamented. We left the post to people we know who are incompetent to teach! »

Tension materials

If no subject is saved, substitution is most critical of those that require the most time, and therefore teachers, French and math.

“We are having a hard time changing our pool in physical science and there are also tensions in English, technology and eco-management”, added Peggy Voisse.

Parents of students at Haute-Auvergne high school in Saint-Flour (Cantal) criticize the lack of teachers

Will there be any improvement in the next school year?

“It’s hard to plan yourself,” judge Laurent Bouillin, of Saint-Flour.

Establishment leaders will have an initial response on June 20, along with intra-academic activity and the assignments of the holders. “In high school in Ambroise-Brugière, I had eight positions to fill,” said Richard Commeau. So I waited, knowing that academic services were managing the shortage, just like us. »

Isabelle Vachias

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