The EPP adopted the resolution for better Swiss-EU relations

Offending drivers will be less severely punished in the future. Following the National, the Council of States agreed on Tuesday to abolish the minimum sentence of one year in prison for driver’s offenses and reduce the minimum length of license revocation.

No senator has objected to lifting the minimum one year in prison. Drivers could also be penalized with future fines. The maximum sentence of four years in prison was upheld.

Reducing the minimum license revocation period is more discussed. Right now, it’s 24 months. The Federal Council is proposing to lower it to 12 months. He was followed by senators.

“Judges and authorities thus have greater freedom,” argues Thierry Burkart (PLR / AG). And the committee’s rapporteur insisted: “It’s not a question of a security breach, but of a measured application.” Some drivers commit driving offenses unknowingly and receive massive penalties, he recalled.

Broken existences

For the same reasons, Hansjörg Knecht (UDC / AG) wants to reduce the minimum duration though, to just six months. “A lot of people need to have a driver’s license, for example to work.” A removal of their twelve -month blue can ruin lives.

The loss of a driver’s spouse or child can also be detrimental, transportation minister Simonetta Sommaruga told her. “The twelve-month retreat is pretty measurable.” Only the SVP followed Hansjörg Knecht.

The left, accompanied by some senators from the PLR ​​and the Center, tried to tighten the screw even more for some violations. While a 12-month withdrawal is sufficient for drivers who commit serious speeding violations or unintentionally overtake, speeders disrespect other road users or engage in an illegal speed race should have to withdraw their blues longer.

Their proposal, however, is considered more complicated. It doesn’t bring added value, Simonetta Sommaruga said.

The police sentence was commuted

Penalties for paramedics, firefighters and police officers who rush while on duty will also be reduced. Only the difference in proper speed can be considered in determining the penalty.

A driver also does not have to take road education courses after revoking the license. Insane drivers are not forced to drive a vehicle equipped with a data recorder, and people are pinched in a state of intoxication in a vehicle with an alcohol ignition interlock device. These measures, which have not yet been implemented, have been repealed by law.

The helmet remains optional

Circuit racing will be allowed for electric championships and traditional competitions. The Council of States was followed by 27 votes against 15 by the National. On the other hand, he does not want to decriminalize public warnings about road inspections, as MEPs want.

Motorcycles and other two-wheeled motors have no space on the sidewalk. The senators also rejected this addition to the House of the People. On the other hand, they followed it up with 29 votes against 13 on the bicycle helmet. There is no question that it will be imposed on young people up to 16 years old.

Simonetta Sommaruga asked again for the establishment of that obligation. “It’s an effective, very simple and inexpensive measure that can prevent serious injuries.” And the minister recalled that head injuries often have long -term, even lifelong consequences, for victims and their surroundings. No success.

Rules for automatic driving

The revision further regulates the conditions for the integration of automated vehicles into road traffic. In particular, it is a question of determining to what extent drivers will be exempt from their obligations and in what context driverless cars surrounding pre-designated sections may be acceptable.

By a general vote, the project was approved unanimously. He returned to the People’s Chamber.

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