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On the occasion of the traditional publication of the “Future Commerce 2022” report, Wunderman Thompson provided an overview of 20 new commerce trends that will build demand over the next decade. Therefore, under the leadership of Hugh Fletcher, global marketing director at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, the study proposes a 20-page document, not only these trends but also the steps to be taken to help its readers “navigate them with confidence,” the agency explains. The 20 trends:

1. SPACE COMMERCE – GIANT STEP FOR THE COMPANY: The space trade has already begun, and it’s not just for the ultra-rich

2. CONSUMERISM AFTER DEATH AND ETERNAL SPENDING: The consumer and the concept of consumption are changing.

3. PARANOID BUYING AND THE WAVE OF DEEP-FAKE CRIME: Fear represents a business opportunity

4. BANKING AND SPENDING WITH YOUR FAVORITE MARKETS: In global markets that account for 42% of all online spending, how much would they pay if they also controlled consumers ’money?

5. KID COMMERCE: Our youngest children are conditioned to make purchasing decisions

6. GAMING COMMERCE – MORE THAN JUST GAMES: 41% of players consider their avatar part of their real life identity

7. BUCKET-LIST BUYING AND HAPPINESS AFTER COVID: In a world that still suffers from post-traumatic stress, there is no better time to encourage consumers to indulge themselves.

8. AGGREGATORS AGGRESSORS : If you have an interface, you have a client. If you have the customer, you have the data. If you have the data, you have the future

9. THE DILEMMA OF THE WORLD VS SERVICE : Sustainable growth is important to consumers and even some companies know how to meet their needs with concrete actions

10. DIRECT NEURAL INTERFACE AND ZERO USER INTERFACE: Every moment of a person’s life can be a moment of purchase

11. DISTRIBUTORS AS ADVERTISERS: Distributors need to thrive to survive and thrive in this modern world of retail

12. LIVE TRADE: Combining the worlds of entertainment and commerce, live commerce is a trend set to explode this year in the West.

13. USE AND REVIEW TRADE: Consumers are more likely than ever to buy used items

14. VIRTUAL WORLDS… WHERE EVERYONE MASTERS THE UNIVERSE: The metaverse is already here and it is expected to grow and have a huge impact in many areas including commerce.

15. BACK TO BACK: The number one thing consumers will change about e-commerce is faster shipping

16. THE RACE IS ON COMPRESSED COMMERCE: E-commerce sites that make more money faster and improve customer satisfaction

17. NO MORE HASSLE WITH SMART SUPPLY CHAIN: Delivering the last mile is the most important part of a customer’s journey

18. THE PHYSICAL STORE IS DEAD, THE PHYSICAL STORE IS ALIVE: 64% of consumers said they wanted distributors to be online and physical, so the model and offerings had to be reinvented.

19. TWIN IT TO WIN IT: The digital twin can be used to test simulations, investigate performance issues and make improvements.

20. WHAT NFT SHOCK IS MORE THAN THE ART MARKET: Those who view this event as a special field are at risk of being left behind…

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