“Roots & wings” Special “70 years of the reign of the Queen of England” this Wednesday, June 1 in France 3

For the next issue to air this Wednesday, June 1 at 9.10 pm on France 3, the magazine “Desroots & wings” presented by Carole Gaessler, invites you to London. A special program in the heart of the British capital celebrating a remarkable event: the 70 -year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In summary of the program two unpublished reports are here without delay presentations.


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Special “Roots & Wings” “70 years of reign of the Queen of England”

Elizabeth II, a royal fortune

As Queen Elizabeth II prepares to celebrate her platinum jubilee, she has never since become famous. At all ages, in all political persuasions, everyone agrees on one point: they love their queen.

Undaunted, he has gone through the years, true to the motto of his great-grandfather Victoria: Never explain, never complain (“Never explain, never complain”).

In 70 years, Elizabeth II met 15 prime ministers (from Churchill to Boris Johnson!), Opened more than 60 parliamentary sessions, forged special ties with France and traveled the world to shine the crown of England … At the age of 96 years. , he still occupies the hearts of the English, a mythical and head silhouette of the British monarchy. He has even become a pop icon.

This queen who did not ascend the throne broke the record of the highest reign in history. This powerless sovereignty became one of the most influential women of her century. So how did Elizabeth’s second name achieve that?

This is the story of a young woman who wants to live far away from the world and who has become, step by step, the queen of the century.


Elizabeth II, Queen of Hearts

On the occasion of the queen’s jubilee, this film presents the woman behind sovereignty.

The most photographed woman in the world has spent her life under scrutiny by photographers and the public. But in close Elizabeth, her passions, her desires, her crushes, almost nothing came of it. And yet, there are places, people, images, which prove that the woman’s heart has not stopped beating behind the Queen’s ceremonial dresses. We went to meet these keepers of the monarchy’s best -kept secret: the sovereign’s private life.

At Caernarfon Castle in Wales, crowned head specialist Thomas Pernette recounts a specific stage in the relationship between the Queen and her eldest son Charles. The relationship between the Queen and her future daughter -in -law is rekindled at Kensington Palace, where the Princess lived her entire life before her horrific disappearance. Here too we awaken William and Harry, and we discover how Elizabeth II embraced and encouraged the modernization of the crown by welcoming Meghan Markle, a divorced, mixed race, American, as Harry’s troubled future wife.

To withstand the pressure of his duty, sovereignty escaped his entire life: horses. The film invites itself behind the scenes at Ascot’s prestigious racecourse where Elizabeth II, the racehorse owner shows her true face on the occasion of the victories of her thoroughbreds. The chatelaine at Sassy’s castle, in Normandy, remembers the three days the Queen spent, during a private meeting of perfect intimacy.

It was in Malta that Elizabeth’s unconditional love for her husband was established, unseen. These two years were the happiest of her life, being just a princess and wife of a naval officer. We visited his house, now a romantic ruin in the process of restoration. It is also in Malta that a unique film, not seen in France, is revealed, in which the future Queen lends herself to the game of the amateur cameraman, smiling at the camera, a young woman like everyone else.

The film is joined by archives, including many not yet seen by the Queen, from albums or family films of the speakers.

The teaser

“Roots and wings” honors the Queen of England this Wednesday night in France 3. To see and watch again streaming and replay on france.tv.

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