Relations between Corsica and Paris in light of the Basque model

President Iñigo Urkullu, on the territory of the island for two days. From the Basque Country, through the links of cooperation to be deepened, there is much to be gained, want to convince Gilles Simeoni. There is also much to learn as Corsica prepares for difficult times in the French state

NAAuzolana. on Basquethe term refers to the philosophy of shared work for the benefit of the many.

A philosophy reflected in government priorities, explains the rostrumAssembly in Corsicafacing elected officials and civil society, President Inigo Urkullu, strong in the third legislature. He had just set foot on island territory at the invitation of the Collectivity and his boss, Gilles Simeonistrong, on the other hand, third term.

Concrete, he continued, it is a question of contributing to the strengthening of social cohesion within Basque society, encouraging economic activity, participating in the international movement in favor of peace, justice, promoting unity policies and values ​​of honesty, transparency, public accountability. Also, to prioritize energy and environment, technology and digital, demographics, health and social change.

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Too many caps are implemented in Pays in Basquefor “progress towards a model of sustainable human development”, unfolded Lehendakari, the leader of the autonomous community.

At the end of the day, a government is considered less of a crystal house whose merits will be praised before its time than a tactical tool that avoids the crystallization of the opposition in order to further develop an approach. “Fundamentally based on the principles of realism, dialogue and agreement”.

During the last two legislatures, the Basque Parliament, in this regard, worked on the future of self-government with the participation of all political formations, supporting Iñigo Urkullu.

The number of people

As a result, relations with the Spanish State that, if they still need to develop – especially in the context of the autonomous status enjoyed by the Basque Country, some transfers of powers are still waiting almost 43 years. later – consider the effectiveness of the exchange. Its reasonableness.

All is not rosy, of course, “There is no real reflection on a new model of the state despite the evidence of the majority of social will, which takes on different expressions in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Spain”agreed the president said to himself, in the interview given in our title, however “aware of the pressure being subjected by the Spanish government”.

The goal now is to achieve “more autotomy and better self -management”, insisted Iñigo Urkullu, while putting himself in a vision towards a Europe of the future, one of the pillars that remained “respect for territorial, cultural, linguistic or membership diversity. We understand Europe to be the sum of the peoples that make up it”.

Since the spring of 2021, Corsica has been invited, as an observer, to participate in the initiatives of the RLEG, a group of 16 -member regions with legislative capacity – coordinated and led by the Spanish Basque Country – which -share on the basis of values. and common principles.

“If the island does not have legislative capacity, this participation is part of the vision of Corsica’s institutional evolution towards autonomy and the work we are doing with European institutions for the recognition of our specifics, RLEG and regional part of it which constitutes a source of inspiration for the fight we are leading, at the national and European level ”Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis quickly admitted.

The autonomous dream

Everyone is fully touched, since CdC, yesterday, the road that remains clear for an island that expects much from the French State discussions. Because of the Basque model, the bar is placed very high.

“We are a people with our own language and our own personality who aspire to have our own space in a global world”, sang the man who ruled the Basque Country. A territory recognized for its high benefits, with gross domestic product per inhabitant above the European average and 30% higher than the Spanish average, a socially balanced country where the risk of poverty and early school dropout rates are among the lowest in the European Union.

Not to mention the many skills aspired to by Corsican autonomists. In terms of co-officer, tax, justice. Among others.

On April 13, 2021, a memorandum of cooperation was signed by Iñigo Urkullu and Gilles Simeoni. The two-day visit of the head of the Basque government is aimed at deepening exchanges around the political, institutional, socio-economic and cultural issues that underpin this strategic partnership, the executive president recalled.

“The fact of posting this trip, the pandemic that forced us to do it, had a happy impact, in his mind, the arrival of Lehendakari intervened at a time when we would enter into discussions to get an autonomy law for Corsica. Inevitably, there is a desire to absorb what has been done in the Basque Country with a more successful state, including tax terms, even if they are not perfect, proving, in passing, that we are permanently in a dialectical tension between the autonomous communities and the State. “

A good influence

What does this model get?

The principle of a “very broad autonomy”Gilles Simeoni replied, especially since it had “Benefiting the Basques in all areas, employment, education, management of renewable energy, transport infrastructure, with an increase in the standard of living, an advancement of a better collective living”.

We can learn a lot, above all, from the way the Spanish Basque Country knows how to “make links to his diaspora”added Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis while there was no dispute “concrete lessons” to draw from the Basque experience, slips the executive president.

In particular in “reappropriation of the Basque language, dissemination of it to make it a means of integration, social and professional promotion, very concrete, these are lessons that will influence us”.

What should guide above all, continues Iñigo Urkullu, is to work together for the benefit of the many, it “auzolana” where he opened his speech.

At this time marked by global crises, he appreciated, he sang again, “strengthens a positive attitude that wants to reject the politics of division and confrontation and try to share a diagnosis. To serve the good of all. This is the model we are trying to implement in Euskadi and that we offer in our relationship with Corsica ”.

A long job in vision.

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