L’Expression: Culture – “Letter of Love to My People”

Announced a few days ago on its networks, DJ Snake’s “Disco Maghreb” clip, posted immediately, continued to be discussed on Tuesday, May 31st! The Web only had eyes for this clip which caused a lot of ink to flow between fans and endless skeptics. “I think of Disco Maghreb as a bridge between different generations and backgrounds, connecting North Africa, the Arab World and beyond … It’s a love letter to my people”, the artist wrote in her instagram page. Unlike Soolking, who also shot a clip in Algeria, of the duet with Rim’K (Lela, Editor’s note), but was quick to release it this year, DJ Snake, who came to Algeria last summer- heat of 2021 to make. his clip, spent his time getting it. Algiers, Bab El oued, Tlemcen, Sidi Bel Abbès … DJ Snake, we remember, started a marathon race across the country to capture the different images we see in his new clip “Disco Maghreb”. An appointment by the famous Oran record company that made a good time with Raïman “chebs” in the 1980s by pushing several artists including cheb Khaled whose voice resonated, moreover, at the end of the clip where we differentiate Khaled , translating an isktikhbar raï into a capella. Globalization obliges, like a Safy Boutella rearrangement at the time, Khaled’s pieces and thus pushes them into the eyes and especially the ears around the world, the nebula of “ tribal ”electronic music that understands the magnitude of the advantages of fusion, has gained momentum in recent years by fully marrying the Arabic sound.

Arab-electro fusion
We are clearly thinking of Omar Soulyeman, the leader of the genre who has succeeded in promoting Syrian music and its famous dance, the debka, by combining it with electronic music. And send it as a letter to the Western public post office. Hybrid, at the same time, original and a little exotic, it will be more accessible to the ear of “Others”. What a right to a single people, transformed into an amazing new cocktail of the happiest! Since music knows no boundaries and can also be democratic, as long as it is given a way to develop further. The time is upon mixing genres! DJ Snake chose to take Allawi’s music out of its traditional straitjacket and make it cross borders without a visa. We will also consider the same haya in Acide Arabe and the bright Sofiane Saïdi. DJ Snake, he is a great producer who has sold thousands of records around the world. This piece “Disco Maghreb”, he has played it several times this year at various festivals. But just now the clip came out! DJ Snake really wants to make this clip of the year so we don’t have to hear about him on the dance floor anymore. Allaoui or laâlaoui is a traditional warrior dance from western Algeria accompanied by its musical air. DJ Snake, who has always been attached to his origins and roots, especially thanks to his Algerian mother to whom he has always been honored on French TV channels, chose this “voice” to show the strength of the Algerian. The clip also opens with Boualem Disco Maghreb opening its store doors to us and immersing us into the glorious past of raï music. But we are quickly moved into a more “speed” world where images scroll faster. It’s true that DJ Snake’s music is made for dancing. At the party. the clip, moreover, is full of aalaoui dance scenes, which are in tune with his music freeing itself from the codes of traditional music, even if it always returns it like a spiral perfect equal to the tempo. We know that electro music is based, to a great extent, on loop. It’s a truly omnipresent one and the jerky rhythm of the piece is observed, including the level of the image. It has dance scenes of “hadra” (diwan) by Sidi Bel Abbès, but also this guy at a Tlemcenian wedding, it also has this couple surrounded at night in a loud car, DJ Snake itself to dance. with Mustapha Bila houdoud before the bike race scenes arrive to complete the stage of this extremely crazy clip. The youngsters on the bikes were filmed first from above, with a drone, presumably, then closer. Cyclists running around on their bikes, as if heading for their destiny, like this kid in the movie ET, ready to fly …. With “Disco Maghreb” at last, DJ Snake is filming freedom in action, the call of dizziness and the joie de vivre of Algerians.

Music without limits
The rage of living in his youth as well. Even if some somewhat folkloric images can’t escape the cliché, the fact remains that we have a lot of heritage and where DJ Snake, who is well aware of his wealth, wants to reveal it on the face of the world. But we can’t show it all. Paradoxically, the clip is guilty of excessive desire to want to show a lot which at the same time emphasizes its weakness. A clip was shot, in addition, by Iconolclast and two Clocks of Algeria, the same team that produced the clip for The Blaze, Territory. As such, the clip deserves praise because it breathes the music “aâllaoui” an even more fierce aura by anticipating it on the international stage. The fusion and contrast, enhanced by the moving words of DJ Snake who, on a stage set in the center of a concrete courtyard, surrounded by buildings, begins to mime again, the Aâlaoui rhythm calling in the body to release until trance. A title that succeeds, in any case, in promoting dz culture through the dust of alloui rhythm that remains at the base, very catchy, it should be recognized and it is, thanks to his dance with his well-disciplined ones step and shake. Here it is, now, offered worldwide. It’s up to the latter, men and teenagers, to hold on to it by moving their body and shoulders … We can’t wait to see that!

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