Is there an age limit for insuring your pet?

Did you know that the age of your pet is an important element when getting a contract? While some insurance does not cover animals from the age of 9, others accept them with no age limit.

With nearly 63 million animals in France, more and more owners want to take out dog or cat insurance. Like our mutual health insurance, this contract will cover part or all of the veterinary costs of our hairballs. Attention, if you are about to subscribe, pay attention to the age of your animal. This information is an important element to know before signing a contract.

Age: a decisive criterion of dog and cat insurance

Like humans, age is an important factor in purchasing dog or cat health insurance. From one insurance company to another, your dog or cat may be rejected.

You should know that, in most cases, insurance companies do not want to insure animals that are more than 9 years old.

Several reasons can explain this denial: “older” animals more often go to the veterinarian or even the pre-existence of a chronic, hereditary or congenital disease.

Like humans, the older the dog or cat, the higher the health cost. This is why insurance companies are especially reluctant to cover animals that may regularly go to the veterinarian.

Before taking out a contract, the insurance will also ask you for information on the health status of your pet. Illnesses and conditions prior to subscription are among those not included and not covered by the contract.

Is there dog and cat insurance with no age limit?

While most dog and cat insurance does not include older animals, other insurance companies have no age limit.

This is the case with Agria insurance, which covers all dogs and cats, regardless of breed, with no restrictions on the age of subscription and until the end of the animal’s life.

Policy owners can create their own formula, according to their budget and the needs of their animal. They can choose, among several options, their annual payment ceiling, their payment rate and their deductible.

The amount of the insurance premium will depend on several parameters including: the breed, sex and age of the animal, your postal code, the type of cover chosen, the terms of insurance (the fee and deductible) but also discount.

Agria insurance offers its customers a 20% discount in the first year if the animal is insured before the age of four months. This adds an additional 10% discount from the second insured animal.

What if you didn’t know your pet’s age?

It may happen that the owner does not know the age of his pet (for example the dog or cat found on the street).

However, this data is necessary to obtain dog or cat health insurance. If you are in this case, you should seek refuge with your veterinarian.

The practitioner will conduct a global examination to give you an estimated age. To do this, he will weigh and measure him to compare the data to a growth curve for the dog or cat.

At the same time, he will observe his teeth to pinpoint the age of your four -legged friend. That way, the veterinarian can give you a health certificate that mentions an estimated age.

Is there an age limit for insuring your pet?

From what age should you insure your dog or cat?

If you have a dog or cat, don’t wait to insure it. As we have explained to you before, getting insurance from an early age of the animal can save you money. The younger the animal is insured, the better the insurance coverage!

Remember, Agria insurance offers you a 20% reduction in the first year of the contract, if you insure your dog or cat before it is four months. A reduction is accumulated with an additional 10% reduction, if you have already insured another animal.

In addition to this reduction, quick protection of your pet will allow you to not put a dent in your budget. In fact, depending on the warranties and the formula, your insurance will pay you part or all of the veterinarian’s fees.

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