Freelance IT: the platform that connects web experts and companies

A company looking for a developer website freelance, or vice versa? The Freelance IT platform is positioned as the ideal intermediary.

Developers and other web experts starting their careers as freelancers must immediately face a major dilemma: finding their first customers. This is a necessary step to expand your portfolio, find recurring tasks and above all improve your network.

Platforms like allow you to tread the stirrup. They give developers and companies the opportunity to be contacted within the framework of freelance missions. A boon for self-employed entrepreneurs looking for jobs, but also for companies with specific needs.

Developers or companies, everyone goes through ads

The operation of Freelance IT is extremely simple, in the same way as classified ad sites. On the one hand, there are job advertisements posted by organizations looking for workers. It contains a description of the missions and skills sought, duration and location.

On the other hand, each developer has their own Freelance Informatique page. In this one, he can use his CV. This includes past experience, training, but also technical skills.

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The advantage of the Freelance IT platform is that it works in two ways. Developers can apply themselves for tasks that interest them, while companies have the option to directly contact profiles that are similar to theirs.

A wide range of experts

Python developer, JavaScript, data scientist, UX designer… Freelance IT platform is flooded with different profiles covering different aspects of the web. There are also many experts and consultants who can guide digital transformation in an organization.

For example, Freelance IT has multiple profiles of cybersecurity consultants. An area of ​​expertise that is also one of the most sought after by companies on the platform.

Both teleworking and face-to-face

Telecommuting or face-to-face: Freelance IT will adapt to the current job market. Freelancers can show in their profile what conditions they want to work in. Some profiles are only applicable to teleworking, while others accept face-to-face work, as long as the location is close by.

The choice is also left to the companies that post ads on Freelance Informatique. Each of them indicates whether the mission should be done face-to-face, telework, or both.

IT freelance ad
Here is how the missions are presented // Source:

The ultimate tool for web pros

The final advantage of Computer Freelance is in its price. Quite simply, the platform is completely free for freelancers looking for jobs. On the business side, there are three offers, one of which is completely free. Those who pay have many advantages, such as support for finding suitable profiles.

With at least 117,000 profiles registered with Freelance Informatique, the platform is one of the benchmarks of the sector in France. Every day, many new missions arrive to feed an already complete catalog of offers. A wide selection that allows profiles to go only to services that interest them.

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