FIFA 23: FUT could go through a lot of changes!

Game News FIFA 23: FUT could go through a lot of changes!

Electronic Arts recently made the news by announcing the end of its partnership with FIFA, revealing the new name of its football license: EA Sports FC. But before this title is discovered, football fans are entitled to FIFA 23. Regarding this opus, recent drops suggest great new features, especially in the players ’favorite mode. , Ultimate Team.

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Collectively, an important aspect of FUT

Electronic Arts now relies on first place in the hearts of enthusiastic licensed beautiful game players. FIFAfavorite place stolen ESP thanks especially to its famous Ultimate Team game mode. In this typical online mode, players create their team from scratch using “collectible player cards”. The goal is to virtually chain the wins and collect money to buy his favorite players to build the best team possible.

If the Ultimate Team has been refined over the years, there is one principle that has hardly changed. Team building is clearly subject to specific rules, which actually limit the possibilities. Having complete abuse of the cards is no guarantee of victory. There is a collective system, which is determined by the nationality of each player as well as the championship and the team on which they play: thus, players from the same country, same championship or same team have a better relationship between them, which increases their statistics in the process.

This feature is important in FUT and adds a specific strategic aspect that must be respected if you want to build the best possible team. Except that the rules may change soon. If FIFA will soon become EA SPORTS FC and will have to experience many new features, FIFA 23 will have to include a few, starting with an overhaul of this collective system specific to the Ultimate Team.

Only N ° 10 on my Team

The information is unofficial and comes to us from leaker FIFA Weaver. It is therefore necessary to take large tongs with details to follow. According to the leaker, FIFA 23 will leave the collective system as we know it to provide more capabilities. There is no longer the individual development associated with the collective, which is replaced by a star system, up to a maximum of three stars. But the most important rumor is about the partnership between the players. Weaver said, every country and league will work together, which means unlimited possibilities.

As it stands, it’s a bit hard to imagine how this system will work, but the idea remains much more appealing. Once again, don’t take these face value statements but wait for an explanation from Electronic Arts. However, this information will excite more than one player, starting with Real Madrid supporters who, having failed to find Kylian Mbappé’s ground at home, will at least be able to slip him into their FUT composition.

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