Ethereum (ETH) Immutable (IMX) layer 2 offers BAYC metaverse hosting

Immutable proposes itself as a solution for the Otherside metaverse

Unchangeable (IMX), a second layer solution ethereum blockchain (ETH), established by StarkEx machine and specialist in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offerswelcome to the Othersidethe metaverse of Tired Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

According to this proposal, made by Immutable directly on the forum dedicated to ApeCoin (the cryptocurrency dedicated to the BAYC universe), and therefore through its DAO, the Immutable X network consists of a solution of choice for Otherside :

“Currently, Immutable generates more than 50 million NFTs and processes more NFT transactions per month than any other blockchain or Layer 2 – all without compromising Ethereum’s security, mining and exchanges. free of charge, while allowing instant settlement of transactions. »

Basically, Unchangeable is an overlay specialist in NFTsand has hosted many major projects such as OpenSea, GameStop or TikTok. In addition, as layer 2, the network benefited from the security of its parent Ethereum blockchain.

At its suggestion, Immutable admitted that it was scalable network (up to 9,000 transactions per second), is the best solution for the future of Otherside.

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Ethereum is favored by the community

A week before this new proposal, it was the team on Avalanche blockchain (AVAX) offering Otherside metaverse hosting. Only, theThe BAYC ecosystem to date has relied on the Ethereum blockchainand the ApeCoin forum community has been overwhelmingly announcing that they want to continue it.

In fact, many forum members, directly through DAO or via Twitter, have stated that they are as opposed to implementing Otherside on a different network than Ethereumand therefore the Avalanche blockchain is inappropriate.

Robbie Fergusonthe co-founder of Immutable, already announced on May 1 on Twitter that blockchain overlay solutions could be the most common. covering the needs in terms of autonomy, security and scalability from the Otherside.

“It was BAYC that brought NFTs into the mainstream and brought us to a point where people like Jimmy Kimmel, Justin Bieber, and Stephen Curry all have their own Ethereum assets. ApeCoin is an important part of history of Ethereum and hopefully its long future. »

Right now, the Immutable is The second Ethereum layer solution for offering BAYC metaverse hosting. The other layer 2 thus acquires this role, e.g. Loopring or ZK Space.

However, let us keep in mind that the DAO of ApeCoin does not there is no control over how Otherside’s future will be structured. For the most part, the forum will allow the Yuga Labs team to check the temperature in its community.

However, it seems that a Ethereum layer 2 remains to date the most suitable solutionalthough there is no possibility of being officially mentioned by the team managing the project.

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Source: ApeCoin Forum


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