Between inappropriate behavior and insults: the industry could be a “hell” for some crypto women

Women are claiming their place in the crypto sphere but it still takes huge efforts to make the industry completely egalitarian.

Aggressions, insults and misunderstandings are the daily life of users

While the crypto sphere remains largely male -dominated, women seek to find a place for themselves in the industry. Whether they are entrepreneurs, investors or even creators of non-fungible tokens, many of them get their hands dirty thanks to projects like the World of Women or various exclusive women’s collectives.

If the existence of spaces and societies reserved only for women is debated on a daily basis, it seems important within the world of crypto, where it represents a bubble of freedom and expression for users in demand. from all sides. In fact, according to the newspaper Les Echos, the industry could be hell for them.

Other women, such as Trust Wallet CEO Eowyn Chen, have been able to rise in the ranks, while token or NFT creators see the crypto sphere as a space where they can move unhindered. However, the same is not true for users of metaverses who remain victims of misogyny, insults and various and varied attacks.

It will take place at the end of December on Horizon Worlds, a test version of the metaverse created by the Meta group (ex-Facebook). An English tester says that just a minute after activating, his avatar was attacked by four other avatars who tried to touch him, insulted him and asked him to masturbate. He first tried to escape and ended up removing himself. He called his experience “rape”. […] In 2016, an American player said in a post published in Medium that he experienced a similar attack on “QuiVr”, a virtual reality game in which you play as archers. He meant to have it as a player “continues to hold movements close [sa] chest. Courageously, he even pushed his hand away [son] virtual crotch and started rubbing. »

Excerpt from an article in the newspaper Les Echos

Far from finding peace in virtual worlds, users are once again coming up against a tech universe that is strongly marked by the presence of people and to whom the collective imagination empowers. In other words, the presence of women in the crypto sphere will still remain marginalized in the minds of the population. Especially in the minds of male users who have been taught that new technologies, the economy and digital are meant for them.

This event is the result of the coming together of two hitherto conflicting cultures, the geeks and the golden boys. The misogyny inherent in this cryptoeconomy is at the crossroads of geek ideology that only a few insiders master and the testosterone and adrenalinic imagination of entrepreneurs.

Analysis by François Peretti, co-founder of marketing agency Nicky, for Les Echos

In addition, the virtual aspect of the industry and the metaverse where attackers are protected by a nickname and their screen, seem to encourage this kind of behavior where most users go unpunished despite the possibilities of blocking and reporting. What gives women the impression is that they are not welcome and that they are not heard.

Yet women are called to be part of the industry

Despite this, the place of women in the world of cryptocurrencies is well established. According to the Gemini agency, almost 45% of digital currency holders in France are women and, according to a report by BTC Markets, they are increasingly investing around the world and meeting more than their male counterparts.

A presence recently inspired by American billionaire Tim Draper who predicts that women will soon represent the future of crypto. According to him, they will lead the explosion of the industry and will keep it going.

Suddenly, all the women have bitcoin wallets and they buy things using bitcoin. Then you’ll see a Bitcoin price just explode by my estimate of $ 250,000.

Tim Draper during an interview for Scott Melker’s Youtube channel

The actors in the crypto sphere and the holders therefore no longer have questions to ask themselves when it comes to their legitimacy, which is often asked. Financial freedom remains the driving force behind most large crypto companies like Binance and women around the world are taking advantage of it to create a new environment for themselves. However, many efforts remain to be made to make them finally feel in their place. Mentions are changing, but the education of women and men, the real root of crypto adoption, must be put to good use if we want to make the industry a space of freedom and security.


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