At Allier, the use of contract workers is increasing, to the first degree

Allier’s first degree, cannot escape, like the rest of the academies, a specific lack of passion for the teaching profession.

But at Bourbonnais, this situation is reinforced by the department’s lack of charm. If the use of contractual workers remains “measured, which is currently 35 contract workers out of 1,750 teachers, it represents a growing share of the total number of teachers”, inevitably of the academic director of Allier’s national education service, Suzel Prestaux, has faced this problem for several years.

The shortage of teachers did not save the Clermont-Ferrand academy

The lack of attractiveness of the department

“This is linked to the frustration with the territory of the school teachers, the desire of many to join Puy-de-Dôme. Within the academy, our beautiful department is not the most sought after. Every year, we try to satisfy more teachers. as many as possible wish to join Puy-de-Dôme.But every year, the needs we meet require more and more recruitment of contract workers to make up for their departure.This need can only be explained by the lack of attractiveness in Allier.There is no recruitment deficit at the start.The number of candidates remains higher than the posts and each year, we get the number of teachers from the schools expected.In this subject, the situation is much better in our academy than others.

Suzel Prestaux considers that “we need to satisfy these requests for justified departures”, as 150 teachers aspire each year to leave Allier. And do not ignore the words:

Civil servants are assigned for a public service mission, which requires meeting the needs of the territories.Suzel Prestaux, Dasen of Allier
In the first degree, recruitment rather than academics, geographical differences are highly measured. The overall interest we serve should take precedence over the specific interest of each individual. Otherwise, public school can only be in Bordeaux, Brittany and the south of France! School teachers know when they take the exam, there is no cheating. Our responsibility is to offer quality public service by trusting the teachers who teach us.

A license to “arrest young recruits”

Faced with this situation, the creation of a PPE (Preparatory course for school teachers) license, in Moulins, at the beginning of the school year in September 2022, constitutes “an opportunity for the territory “, for Suzel Prestaux.

A new license preparing for the school’s teaching profession will open in September in Moulins (Allier)

La Dasen itself supported, together with the prefect of Allier and the rector of the academy, to obtain, from the Ministry of National Education, this license carried by the University of Clermont-Auvergne, through the Inspé (National Higher Institute of Teaching and Education ), as it is supported by a license in Education Sciences, and by the Academy, through Jean-Monnet high school. This can be extended to Moulins through a master’s degree. “We hope to catch students who remain in the territory”. Recruitment continues for the first year. And it’s an understatement to say it’s compelling: “We have more than 500 candidates for 35 places”.

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