A man loses his memory after having sex with his wife and forgets their wedding anniversary they just celebrated

L ‘coital amnesia is the term that describes amnesia after making love, it can be short and brutal but remains little understood to this day. That’s what happened to an Irishman a few days ago.

The 60-year-old man realizes he can no longer remember that he had just celebrated an important event a few hours ago with his family and friends but was looking at photos on his phone and calendar. where he recorded important dates, it was there that he realized this amnesia and that all his memory was erased.

How did he realize this memory loss?

After his wife and relatives tried to understand and explain to him that there was a gyuy party on the wedding anniversary a few hours ago and that he remembered distant memories, that he didn’t have a weird attitude or language or orientation disorder, they still made the decision to take him to the nearest hospital emergency room to consult specialists and neurologists and above all to make sure there were no more sequelae.

The doctors performed several examinations and the results, particularly reassuring, showed that everything was normal for this person and that there were no consequences. This amnesia seems to be only transient and it does not require any treatment according to the hospital report found at one of these addresses.

Cases of transient global amnesia can manifest as an inability to obtain new information within less than 24 hours of reading this blog.

A large proportion of cases already diagnosed with coital amnesia are men who are over 50 years old and they may have similar conditions such as stroke, epilepsy or dementia, it is important to consult a doctor immediately if in doubt about in amnesia especially if it persists. how many hours and the reaction of the relatives of the man infected with this amnesia is to be done.


To date, the causes of coital amnesia have not been well defined in the medical profession, but many tracks seem to reflect factors such as physical exertion, strenuous exertion, stress or pain.

This amnesia, which results in an inability to remember recent events such as the wedding anniversary celebration the previous day, can often cause anxiety, panic and can confuse those affected.

Specialists in this matter do not give any contraindications to making love to their know-how but to identify the signs of a possible serious complication for at-risk populations. Although transient global amnesia syndrome does not appear to recur, it is best for people who have had it in the past to be careful.

Should you worry about a headache?

Love headaches or also called “thunderclap headaches” are not necessarily a sign of a health problem, but it is best to consult your doctor. Women and men are equally affected by love headaches.

Does sex reduce headaches?

German neurologists conducted a study of several hundred patients and the conclusions were surprising: more than half of the patients, who were prone to frequent migraines, reported that they felt good after having sex. The work can relieve migraine or even stop the pain for some. Did they find a miracle solution to stop headaches and do so without medication?

With such a unique study, the allegation of a bedside headache may no longer be a valid allegation, especially if the partner has read this article and can instead offer a natural remedy to relieve the migraine.

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