10 concerts not to be missed at We Love Green

Ithere is something for everyone! From rap to techno, through pop, soul or French song, the We Love Green festival – where 10e edition held from June 2 to 4 at the Parc floral de Paris, in the Bois de Vincennes – the first music festival that puts around the heart of its programming, has always been able to captivate us. And since you can’t attract flies with vinegar, it’s also one of the festivals in France where you eat well, the food court stands out. oriented towards local, organic and vegetarian catering (forget the hot-dog monopoly, 50% off offer than vegan), marked by the Ecotable charter.

This edition of the festival will also be an opportunity to celebrate World Environment Day next Sunday. Solar panels, biofuel, hydrogen to power the festival, governed by an eco-responsible production charter, We Love Green has been trying since its inception in 2010 to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible. Our good conscience is glad, but our ears too, because, after two years of postponement, this year’s headliners are spitting …

Thursday June 2


For the opening night of the festival, in a new format with a closer gauge, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett will be coming to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their group Gorillaz on the main stage of We Love Green. The quartet of gorillas in the cartoons entered Guinness World Records thanks to 17 million albums sold (making it the most successful virtual group in the world). After seven albums, hits, and creative clips, their mix of electro, dub, hip-hop and rock has yet to end which has made us jump like monkeys.

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Saturday June 4

Clara Luciani

Don’t be fooled by those who skip disco strings and rhythmic keyboards. There is always gravity under the joy of Clara Luciani’s songs. Fine pen, he dipped this moment into his heart to sketch eleven new poems and colorful texts of painful love, nights without tomorrow, dreams of happiness and passionate fantasies. In her deep voice, she took us to the dance floor where the souls of Michel Berger and Donna Summer flashed under the disco ball. Produced by Sage, Breakbot and Pierrick Devin, “Coeur” is the soundtrack to our rediscovered freedom.

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Lous and the Yakuza

Under her bright orange wig, her vision was blazing and her face was painted with black lines. Each morning, after her meditation session, she traced the symbols on her skin that represented her feeling, reminiscent of the marks of Berber women. Marie-Pierra Kakoma wants to be one of the few black women to get into French song. The mission was completed with his first album increment, directed by El Guincho, the producer of Rosalia. After his recent win at La Maroquinerie, it’s time to see him on a stage that fits his potential.

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We know that the group of French rockers who are a hit abroad are in the studio to record their seventh album, and since their most recent, Ti Amo, makes us melt like Italian ice cream in a Fiat all day, we can’t wait for the idea of ​​discovering their possible new songs exclusively…

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Sunday June 5


Despite the listening records, unlimited praise and an unprecedented advertising campaign, the Andrieu brothers ’third studio album disappointed us. But after amassing diamond records, Bercy filled in multiple times, playing at all the major summer festivals (they were even the first French rap group to be invited to California’s prestigious Coachella, but they had visa problems and should be canceled), we are ready to re-submit to PNL’s sad poem: we know their concerts are amazing.

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Unless you’ve spent the past five years in a cave, it’s impossible not to see Angèle’s face, printed on the covers of magazines, plastered on town walls to announce her albums and concerts, dropped on billboards for Chanel products (of which she was the muse), or lit up in a large building in New York’s Times Square… At the age of 26, Angèle sold a million copies of his first album brol (“Brothel” in Belgian patois), won three Victoires de la Musique, sang with Dua Lipa. His new album, Ninety -fivea vitamin concentrate to get the summer off to a good start.

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Juliet Armanet

There is no set for Juliette Armanet to be a singing star. At the age of 38, he had a lot of life. After studying literature and theater, he worked as a documentary filmmaker for Arte. And then he left. His first opus, boyfriendwas crowned “revelation album of the year” by Victoires de la Musique in 2018. He collaborated with his idols, singing alongside Sting on the set of Taratata, gives 200 concerts per year. For his second album, he put his pen to his desires, accompanied by SebastiAn, Marlon B, Yuksek and Victor Le Masne, to compose a carnal disco album, of laughter, dancing, crying, dizziness under explosions of a Mirrorball.

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The Diaz brothers recently released a third opus inspired by the book of the dead, recorded in London, in the studio of Richard Russell, their producer, bathed in a mysterious atmosphere. Ten well-produced new songs that mix as many musical influences as their origins, such as “Sister 2 Sister”, an ode to their brotherhood.

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Arlo parks

This is the rising voice of the season. Recognized across the Channel and the Atlantic, this 20-year-old Englishwoman, bisexual, of Nigerian, Chadian and French descent, was born in West London, appearing in 2018 with her title “Cola” (acclaimed by Lily Allen ), finally released his first album, one of the most anticipated of the year. In her soul-r & b songs, Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho (in civilian life) expresses vivid, cinematic images of scenes from everyday life. Billie Eilish and Michelle Obama are fans. With poetry (he adores Gary Snyder, Mary Oliver and Pat Parker) and delicacy, he expresses or sings his lyrics into pure jazzy melodies, with wisdom and novelty, gentle and noble messages of hope. .


The rap cherub with his brown curls and soft green look, Nathan Fernandez is almost out of his youth, as evidenced by the thin mustache hanging over his fleshy lips curled in a smile, but he was already chanting rhymes with skill: he fell. in hip-hop when he was little. At 8, he accompanied his stepfather to the IAM concert. At 11, he wrote poems that he rapped on Akhenaten’s products. “Call me Joy.sad little bipolar rapper”, he declared. His “flame” deserved Janus from there. Now, at the age of 22, Joy.sad is one of the new stars of French rap. Balzacian is his itinerary. Originally from Périgueux, a town of less than 30,000 inhabitants in southwestern France, he had little chance of getting into rap. After his brother died in a car accident, he told himself he was undefeated and participated in “1minute2rap” freestyle competitions on Instagram. He put himself on the stage of his city, its historic center, its main street paved with shops, its pavilions, with his friends, behind the scenes of his first concerts. … An antihero, à la Orelsan.

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We Love Green, from June 2 to 4 at the Bois de Vincennes (Paris 12e)

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