teachers recruited within 30 minutes of “job dating”

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Since yesterday, and throughout the week, recruitment days have been organized at the Versailles Academy to address the shortage of National Education teachers and staff at France’s largest academy. More than 2,000 positions will be filled and this includes 700 school teachers, 600 secondary school teachers, but also positions for AESH, school nurse or National Education Psychologist (Psy-IN). The Toulouse academy has already inaugurated the recruitment season in March 2022 by organizing “jobdating” to become a full-day teacher.

A deficiency that is a direct result of the discovery of the profession and the use of liberal teaching methods.

This unprecedented proposal from the rectorate of Versailles, where National Education acts as recruiters through 30-minute interviews, is explained by an unprecedented national shortage of teachers and staff. Contrary to what can be read about the “loss of attractiveness of the teaching profession”, it should be remembered that this deficiency is well organized by the government and its policies to destroy National Education. After 5 years at Blanquer, the situation is catastrophic from the point of view of the working conditions of teachers and the learning conditions of students.

While we live in a period of record inflation, which stands at 5.2%, full and beginner teachers now earn only 1.1% of the minimum wage at a Bac +5. How cool is more of a candidate, no matter what the previous minister promised in his “historical revaluation”. Recent reforms in teaching competitions also have detrimental consequences on the number of volunteers participating in a competition – which has become, moreover, a real obstacle – with many disciplines not being ‘ y sufficient candidates. . For example, for the Créteil academic school teacher competition, 1079 positions will be filled against 521 who qualified for the competition. In fact, since 2021, the competition has been postponed for a year, while students wishing to teach can teach 8 hours a week, alone in front of classes, for a salary from € 693 up to € 980 net. / month… A way to contract and make staff more vulnerable, while constantly making more savings, which is detrimental to the quality of teaching and working conditions, with teachers being sent to classes without training or support. In such a context, sending untrained teachers to constantly crowded classes involves utter contempt for the teachers themselves, literally being sent to hell, which can cause a lot of suffering at work for of newly recruited teachers. At the same time, the school has lost all educational dimension for students because teachers are no longer recruited to meet educational needs but to close the loopholes in a public service. in ruin.

This prudent policy of low wages, combined with the deterioration of working conditions, has contributed to the breakdown of the National Education system and the status of the civil servant, with the aim of increasing school privatization. During his presidential campaign, E. Macron’s relatives announced the president’s desire to end the “lifelong recruitment” of teachers and therefore consider a widespread threat to education workers to replace them with cheaper contract workers who can work if desired. The end of the civil servant status will only continue what was put under Blanquer, with increasing flexibility in the teaching profession, increasing overtime and assignments.

Faced with this dangerous situation, from the point of view of the working conditions of teachers and the working conditions of students, it is safe to bet that the new Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye, presented as anti-Blanquer, just keep going. these policies of school collapse, the consequences of which we are only just beginning to see. In the face of the recruitment crisis, it is not “jobdatings” that are required in National Education, but means improving working conditions, providing compensation to students assigned to the teaching profession. offering and education that can meet their needs all!

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