Santexpat: the digitization of services, a key to the future

April 2020. The whole world is under the glass to protect itself from the Covid-19 pandemic. Santexapat arrives at the right time. This health insurance comparator works according to an algorithm to find the most suitable solution for different profiles of expatriates. With the advent of the coronavirus, “We are technically readytestified Jean-Christophe Pandolfi, its founder. But we still wondered if it wouldn’t hurt us. The international movement came to a complete halt.

If the number of new expatriates declines sharply, the French who have already lived abroad will have the other side. “one click” : “Most people realize how important it is to protect themselves. They are more sensitive to concerns related to their health and that of their loved one. Many want to replace insurance. They need a product like ours to navigate this jungle of offers. » And in particular people living in Anglo-Saxon countries, where health systems do not guarantee protection at all.

As a result, Santexpat has experienced a “Thunderous start. » The company’s ten employees and five consultants, are distributed between Paris, Lille and Sologne “a lot of work, sometimes too much”, and in all time zones. The young company’s suppliers were forced to adjust their contracts, by taking on more responsibility for teleconsultation, for example. To better meet the expectations of expatriates on this topic, Santexpat has created its own platform. The user can consult a doctor online and get a prescription valid in any country. Teleconsultation costs: 60 euros. “A high price, sure, but replaced by insurance”, said Jean-Christophe Pandolfi. According to the leader, the offer is now popular with people living in China and particularly in the United States.

A metaverse office

Other customers who are satisfied with the Santexpat system include “digital nomads”, working on the Internet while traveling. Profiles “sensitive to new technology”and Jean-Christophe Pandolfi’s sights for the next fulfillment of his new ambition: the merger of a metaverse office. “Now, very few people are worriedhe acknowledged. But I really believe that in the future it will be a key path. Now everything is digitized. In our offices, we no longer have printers. I, when I started my career thirty years ago, health insurance contracts were in paper format! » Since its inception, Santexpat has been trying to keep up with new expatriation trends and to adapt, as much as possible, profiles. “The expat in 2022 is younger than his predecessor, and he’s very mobile. Above all, he’s hired under a local contract. Depending on the country, it doesn’t have to guarantee the best social protection”explanation of its director.

In the current context of progress from the crisis, Jean-Christophe Pandolfi and his teams rely on continuing to travel to bring new products to market, always with the aim of further digitalization. At the end of 2021, Santexpat will create an application for company employees traveling around the world. This can trigger his insurance, for a period from 1 to 90 days.

Another project undertaken by the company, an international health observatory, lists all the health systems in the world. By country, and also by pathologies. Aim? Document diabetes management, ophthalmology or women’s health depending on the country you want to settle. A program whose purpose is to go “Beyond the principle of comparison, our DNAassured Jean-Christophe Pandolfi. What we want, in the long term, is to simplify access to health care for French people around the world. »

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