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Each month, the Erb Software teams will provide news on Scorn, their awesome game set for next October with a one -day release on Xbox consoles. This month, the studio will go into more detail on how to work and select weapons in their latest The Pulse Monthly. The opportunity to find out more about what awaits us and to find out the studio’s answers to some questions from the community.

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The important role of Scorn weapons

The fascinating and turbulent universe of Scorn will give you a hard time and weather and like any good survival horror, you have access to weapons to get out of the most dangerous situations. However, don’t expect a cakewalk with this, as Scorn’s weapons can jam or easily run out of ammo. Bullets, to be precise, can be unique and you have very few areas to carry them, thus meaning more or less difficult choices to make in depressing conditions. The Erb Software teams remind everyone that Scorn is not a shooting game.

“While there are shooters in the game, Scorn is not really a shooter. The weapons allow the player to move much better, adding an extra layer that allows them to interact with the world around them.»

It was Ljubomir Peklar, creative director and CEO of the studio, who ensured the development of gunplay and the consistent inclusion of weapons into the Scorn universe. It all starts with a conceptualization of the taught artist in terms of its visual representation. Then, the 3D team creates a model from different points of view, with a basic animation. Finally, the animation and VFX teams brought the concept to life before it was tested in the game.

In Scorn, weapons are “optional tools” for player development. Weapons are usually standard and similar to well -known types: pistol, shotgun or grenade launcher. Ljubomir Peklar says in particular:

“People have a strange relationship with their tools, especially weapons. How a player’s or character’s behavior changes when they get a weapon is an interesting underlying theme that I’ve kept in mind. think during development.Adding recognizable weapon types to the game, such as a pistol, shotgun, or grenade launcher, can influence how players look and, ultimately, how they do it. used.It’s always a dangerous balancing act between the strange and the familiar.The first weapon players to find are probably the most important.Even if this is the only weapon weapon we have, it serves it’s also a tool to interact with the various mechanics that are in the game. ”

Erb Software teams have more difficulty managing the functional aspects of weapons than imagining their visual design. With such an artistic direction, finding original ideas is not the hardest part, but we have to think about their number of bullets, their overall function while staying in the spirit of play. process.

“Mocking is a terrifying experience, so limiting ammo is a quick way to make sure the player doesn’t win. Too much ammo and the experience can be like an action game. Similarly, the experience can be more one dimension and less interesting with little or no ammo at all. »

As for Scorn’s progress, the signals are still green and the Erb Software teams are still confident in their project scheduled for next October. There is still work to be done, but the deadlines have been met and the teams are working hard. Ljubomir Peklar says this about the development:

“Last month, our 3D team finished creating all the remaining static meshes, so production is in good progress. The goal is to finish everything by June. Animation and visual effects are our focus. now, and the teams are busy fixing bugs and finishing everything. We are all up for the release of the game in October and can’t wait to show you more. »

Publishing these articles on Steam titled The Pulse Monthly has been a big help to the studio getting concrete feedback from the public who have been waiting for the game for a few years now. More of the same type of information should arrive each month through October until the game is released on Xbox Series X | S and PC and there is one-day access to the Xbox Game Pass.

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