Excelia presents XL Vision, its digital transformation plan

During a press conference, given this Tuesday, May 31, the Excelia group unveiled their digital transformation plan, dubbed XL Vision. Anthony Hié, director of digital transformation, accompanied by Laura Zdroui, director of human resources and transformation, and Caroline O’Neil, educational engineer, presented their projects for the group with us.

Excelia: An overhaul of learning methods

As technology changes rapidly in the Covid-19 health crisis, Excelia seeks to adapt to social changes and new digital challenges. In fact, Anthony Hié, the group’s director of digital transformation, says: “ We want Excelia to be with the evolutions of our time and put innovation at the center of change. Our main mission is to face the challenge of digital sobriety and respond to new uses.. »

Excelia provides a unique educational experience in the form of metaverses (plural!). The group planned not just one, but two metaverse experiences: a synchronous metaverse and one asynchronous metatarsus. The synchronous metaverse, digital twin of XL Factory, is a resource device for collaboration and experimentation. The asynchronous metaverse, on the other hand, is a unique tool that will provide a block of skills and create immersive learning experiences to enhance students ’thinking abilities, regardless of location or space.

The group also revealed the launch of Digital Workplace, a portal that will provide multiple services to all stakeholders and especially to students. This omnichannel device will allow everyone to benefit from it workplace. Students can now register on the smartphone and continue their computer experience for full continuity. In short, the Digital Workplace is a central digital work environment and a collaborative resource center. It also aims to simplify the online candidate registration process.

The Excelia group doesn’t stop there and offers to Factory in XL, a key tool for changing learning methods. Four dimensions are in the spotlight: explore, MAKE, think and lab. The learning lab will thus be integrated with XL Factory for greater convenience for students. XL Factory is a physical space open to everyone (students, teachers, employees). Unlike traditional learning labs, XL Factory is a space that allows you to innovate, collaborate, experiment and share new learning experiences.

Another major project, the Learning Experience Platform, which will support digital transformation into phygital. This platform aims to optimize students ’learning experience and respond to new digital needs. In the program: micro-modules (micro-certifications), enhanced social experience and adaptive learning.

And because Excelia knows that students once again need to find themselves on real campuses, the group is also betting on physically smart campuses. Yes, the metaverse is good, but it’s also real!

In short, XLVision a learning experience project that combines immersion and metaverse, with a very important phygital approach. Excelia wants to develop and support innovative and immersive pedagogies.

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ILE, a brand that will put a label on the impact of immersive experiences

The ILE, for Immersive Learning Experience, is Excelia’s registered excellence mark aimed at guaranteeing immersive educational experiences, both within campuses and in the metaverse. Thus, the group guarantees immersive experiences based on the link between learning and emotions. Discover a new way to study!

Strengthen his team

To support this XL digital transformation, Excelia seeks strengthen your team on the arrival of new employees. More than 40 employees, to date, are involved in digital transformation, especially in the new digital professions.

At the heart of the XL Vision, we find one support center profession that promotes the adoption of methods and tools of change, a Digital Innovation, EdTech and Experiential division who will take care of the digitalization of teaching and XL Factories. And finally, last but not leastthe DSI (information systems department) to provide the necessary support for digital transformation.

We want to put in place a model of education that transforms the dissemination of knowledge and knowledge, and that fits our time.“, emphasized Anthony Hié.

To find out: The XL Vision plan is a financial investment worth 5.6 million over 5 years.

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New programs planned by Excelia

The Excelia group also intends to deploy new training courses within the Excelia Digital School. Thus, workshops and masterclasses dedicated to immersive technologies to be launched 2022-2023 in bachelor and MSc.

In 2023-2024, modules and a specialization in “Virtual reality and Metaverse” will complete the school’s training offer. And finally, in September 2024, the first bachelor “Virtual reality and Metaverse” add to the list of courses offered by the Digital School.

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