Curzio Research purchased 19 buildings from TGC World

Recently, TGC World announced that it has partnered with Curzio Research to purchase 19 commercial properties in the metaverse. With its new buildings in the metaverse, Curzio Research plans to establish its headquarters in the Asia region of TCG World.

For a budget of nearly $ 5 million, Curzio Research purchased 19 commercial properties from TGC World in Metaverse. Currently it is largest acquisition in the virtual world. But why agree to such an investment? Curzio Research explained in a press release that the buildings will serve as the headquarters of its activities.

In addition, in Curzio Research’s new area, investors can participation in various activities, including meetings, educational seminars, conferences, listening to podcasts, and more. Curzio Research is a company that specializes in the field of financial publishing. This means that it concentrates its activities on research and investment analysis.

The company has been interested in Metaverse for a long time. Its founder, Franck Curzio, explained that “The metaverse is what the internet is all about.” He also added that it was “a decentralized place, without consent, where individuals have freedom of production and to own their digital content ”. Confident that the metaverse represents the future of the Internet, he invested in it with his company.

If it is true that Curzio Research is a company that makes investments in the metaverse, why did it choose to partner with TGC World? Mr. put. Curzio reasons for this choice of a statement.

“In researching the options, TCG World has all the elements – gamification, entertainment, social and commercial – to create a truly open metaverse. And its low price structure encourages innovation for users and developers. We are excited to be part of this friendly model of growth in a sector with incredible potential.

Officially, according to information surrounding, the new headquarters of Curzio Research is necessary completed September 2022. In other words, this should be done before the official launch of TGC World which is one of the largest metaverse projects developed on the blockchain. Everything in TCG World is created as NFTs: virtual lands, cars, pets, and even player avatars.

Awaiting its official launch, TGC World will co-host a 3-day event, The Metaverse Expos 2022 to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from July 8-10, 2022. This event gather more than 6,000 people around the world and will cover a wide variety of metaverse, gaming and blockchain topics.

As part of its expanded business, Curzio Research partnered with TGC World where the company acquired 19 commercial properties from the latter. These assets will be used to create corporate headquarters in the metaverse, awaiting launch official TGC World scheduled for the month of September 2022.

Source: CoinMarketCal

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