Benzema and Mbappé, a closely examined relationship

Recently crowned European champion at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema joined the French team and his compatriot Kylian Mbappé on Monday in Clairefontaine, a reunion that should be reviewed after the Bondynois choose to remain in Paris SG despite the call on foot from Madrid.

Arriving around 7:00 pm after celebrating his fifth C1 title in Madrid on Sunday, “KB9” stayed at the Yvelines training center without his teammates, who were in full training at the time.

The latter quickly met him at the Château, giving him a nice ovation during dinner, according to photos released by the Federation.

During the week, reserved for the League of Nations, the Madrid striker may also receive some clarification from Mbappé, who welcomed him with a frank hug on Monday night.

Because “Kyky ”’s decision to reject Real’s advances to PSG until 2025, after long hesitation, has changed the cards of a relationship so far in good shape.

The Madrid player, like some of his Madrid teammates, reacted to “not turning the century” by recalling his association with Real, posting on Instagram a photo of his finger pointing to direction of his team logo.

The second image, with much more commentary, shows the late rapper Tupac Shakur with one of his friends suspected of being involved in his murder … It was enough for the Spanish press to see it as a shovel aimed at the Parisian in an alleged betrayal.

– “I’ll explain it to him” –

“If we meet, of course we will discuss it. He will ask me why, and I will explain it to him. I know he wants me to go, I will explain to him why and how”, Mbappé assured in an interview in several media including the AFP on May 23, acknowledging that “he has not exchanged” Benzema for his future.

“People say to themselves that by choice we are talking about the True, but no, we are only talking about dinner at night”, added the 23-year-old Frenchman, dismissing the assumption of a reflection made in close connection with his partner in the blue jersey.

Benzema also played the appeasement card of his attacking teammate on the Blues on Sunday on the Téléfoot program.

“I want him to fulfill his dream of playing for Real Madrid, to be with. He chose PSG, you have to respect him”, assured N.19 of the Blues, saying he would “enjoy” playing with of Mbappé of choice. “We are good friends, it won’t affect our relationship”.

– 14 goals between them –

As for Tupac’s photo, “it’s not a story of so-and-so or so-and-so betrayal. If you look at my Instagram, I have 10 or 15 photos of Tupac, which is my favorite (artist ). That has nothing to do with football “, he evacuated the Spanish program El Chiringuito.

So the two strong men in the tricolor attack should be satisfied with an association limited to unique international gatherings in the coming months, under the watchful eye of coach Didier Deschamps, for whom ” the main thing is team unity ”.

“From my position as coach, I have the players alive and I know from A to Z what’s going on,” the Basque technician assured. “From each situation, we can all draw unnecessary conclusions, because in most cases it’s more often a clumsiness, a misunderstanding or an interpretation that doesn’t reflect the truth.”

While Mbappé was identified, from a source close to the French group, as “a facilitator” in Benzema’s return to the national team last year after a five -year absence, the June rally, with four program games, make it possible to re-measure the complementarity of the two men on the ground.

With 14 goals scored between them from 26 of the Blues this season, Benzema and Mbappé seem important on the road to the World Cup in Qatar.

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