5 things to know about Marie Buisson, approached to take over the head of the CGT

For the first time, a woman, Marie Buisson, could take over the head of the CGT, replacing Philippe Martinez. The secretary general, in office until March 2023, proposed his name on Tuesday, May 31 to the leaders of the union’s confederal executive committee, who “validated” it.

Marie Buisson to then secretary general of Ferc-CGT (federation of education, research and culture) © Youtube / CGT / DR screenshot

During a meeting this Tuesday, May 31, Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT since 2015, announced that he would hand over to the union leader at the next congress in March 2023. He proposed the members of the confederal executive commission ( CEC) of the CGT the name of Marie Buisson to replace him. If she is elected next year in Congress, she will be the first woman to hold this position since … 1895. Current secretary general of the education branch of the CGT, a small federation, he is little known to the general public. Here are five things to know about him.

He was a teacher of literature and history-geography at a vocational high school.

Marie Buisson spent “the professional high school teacher competition in letters-history-geor “in 2001, he explained in an interview published on the CGT website in 2017. He primarily worked as a French teacher at the Jean Monnet vocational school in Montrouge, at the Versailles academy.

He has been involved with CGT since the beginning of his career

I joined CGT when I participated in training as a trainee teacher“, he added, still in this interview.”I worked for a few years before going to college and my many dangerous jobs convinced me of the need to organize to protect myself.“, he added. So he was an activist in CGT Educ’action before becoming the academic secretary of CGT Educ’action Versailles.

Since 2017, Marie Buisson has been general secretary of “Ferc-CGT”, the “Federation of Education, Research and Culture“the union. This is a small federation, which in particular brings together the teaching union and non-teaching staff of the National Education, which wants to remain affiliated with the CGT, when other unions in education became independent and eventually a member of the executive commission of the CGT.

He was one of the figures in the rapprochement between the CGT and the environmental activity

In 2020, the CGT and several other unions joined forces with environmental and anti-globalization associations (Greenpeace, Attac, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth) and published a JDD column, then a joint text “Never Again”, to protect a visiondeep social and natural in our society“After the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marie Buisson, who worked for this rapprochement with the environmental movement, now represents the CGT within the collective “Not at all!“. In this context, he has participated in numerous conferences on the links between environmental factors and social factors. In August 2021, he stated in particular:”what can destroy jobs and ruin the lives of workers is capitalism, not ecology. No, on the one hand, citizens with ecological concerns and, on the other hand, workers who are not interested in them. The two go together . ” Several federations within the CGT are opposed to this union. Marie Buisson also co-hosts the “Environment” collective within the union.

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She promised women’s rights

She also committed to the protection of women’s rights. In 2017, he participated in writing a pamphlet, due for the demonstration on March 8, to make it happen ” day of action and strike for women’s rights“. This document is written in”Collective Women of CGT Educ’action“, referring to”the consideration of the feminist need in national education and trade union organization. ”In 2019, he co -signed, along with other elected officials and union officials, a Le Monde forum condemning sexist and sexual violence at work in National Education, higher education and research.omerta and impunity to aggressors, whether students or staffin National Education.

He took the lead in criticizing Parcoursup’s dysfunctions during its 2018 launch.

Parcoursup, the platform for assigning high school students to higher education, the first results of which for 2022 will be known on June 2, was widely criticized in its first year of operation. In May 2018, when the first works were opened, “400,000 young people“Finding themselves unwilling,”on the tile“, explained during Marie Buisson in a video of the CGT. She was then invited by some media, as general secretary of Ferc-CGT, to discuss the dysfunctions of the Parcoursup.The number is three times higher“in terms of unaffected students”compare with APB“, he said especially to Cnews on May 26, 2018.

If the meeting of the day is allowed by the confederal executive commission of the CGT “to be validated by the majority“This choice of Philippe Martinez’s successor, according to the union, Marie Buisson has yet to be elected by the confederal congress, in March 2023, before taking office. But inside, some are surprised on the side”Rainshowers“in this announcement, even if the profile of Marie Buisson, ecologist and completely modern, is not consistent.

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