PS5: Will the PS1, PS2 and PSP mimic the PS Plus Premium in the scenes of future subscribers?

Game News PS5: Will the PS1, PS2 and PSP mimic the PS Plus Premium in the scenes of future subscribers?

On June 23, French subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service on the PlayStation 5 (and its older sister) will discover three new offerings offered by Sony: Essential, Extra and Premium. Among these offers, one of them has attracted attention because it allows access to PS1, PS2 and PSP games. Over the past few days, voices have been raised to hammer out the lack of strength in imitation. In fact, if you follow the news of the video game, you know that all three offers have been available in Asia since last week. To measure the quality of service, the first tests were done and they blew, for now, hot and cold.

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To ensure the stability of the emulation, the team at DigitalFoundryknown for many technical tests, went through the whole thing using a good tooth comb. First good surprise, the new emulation system used by Sony isn’t that, cataclysmic or almost, the PlayStation Classic. Unfortunately, interested parties are quick to report some errors that can provoke discontent among most users of the technology.

On June 23, will things fix the PlayStation Plus Premium?

Purists can be frustrated to download PAL games at 50Hz. In fact, with the exception of Siphon Filter which seems to be from the American version, most of the other games are slower and smaller compared to the original Japanese versions. . But on the contrary, it’s also a way for Sony to offer games in multiple languages, including French. It should be noted that Nintendo made a mistake in limiting itself to the English language for the Nintendo Classic Mini and Super Nintendo Classic Mini games. Digital Foundry reports, however, that Tekken 2, Mr. Driller or Toy Story 2 – in other words third party games – runs at 60 Hz. Among other objects found by Digital Foundry, they noticed that the resolution was raised in 3D while non-3D objects were scaled. This causes some texture to shake in some games compared to the original games. Nothing spoils the experience though at all.

Filters that change the experience?

We are beginning to understand why the number of PS1, PS2 and PSP titles is limited for this PlayStation Plus Premium launch. Basically, developers have to take the entire games and adapt them to the PS5 and PS4 hardware. For example, in Jumping Flash, the ground rendering is changed to prevent it from shaking. So actually, it’s smoother and the increase in resolution means we have things in high resolution and so on in lower resolution, but it gives the game a more dignified visual. As for filters, default, classic retro and modern, the differences are small. Concretely, according to Digital Foundry, the default mode and the modern filter are almost identical. The only difference seems to be enhanced by the modern mode. Then it stays classic retro and there, pixel lovers will be happy to find the famous scanlines that allow the monkey to “grain” time – even if the alignment of the pixels seems perfect.

In the end, even if the simulation of the games can be improved, the overall translation is just right (in any case, even more so on the PlayStation Classic) and that doesn’t stop most players from enjoying it. catalog offered by Sony. Since this must be recognized, it is especially the purists who seek the best imitation. Knowing that the publisher is changing these versions, unlike the slow imitation of the PlayStation Classic, so good news! Specialists looking for perfect imitation will further explore possible service improvements in the weeks and months to come. Even if we know this: no matter how hard the developers try, nothing can replace the experience of the original consoles.

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