Mimie Mathy: Married man, “notorious homosexual” … revelations about his complicated past before he met true love!

Mimie Mathy’s complicated journey of love

We all know the beautiful story behind the meeting between Mimie Mathy and Benoist Gérard. The chef went to the show given by the actress, I chat with you. She invites him to the stage, just in time. Facing hundreds of people, it was love at first sight that would happen on stage.. Two years later, after a meeting worthy of a romantic comedy, the two lovebirds say ‘yes’ to each other. From this time on, they were happily together.

Many women looking for Prince Charming should be jealous of Mimie Mathy. But that is to forget all those years that he was not happy in love. And for good reason, she chose her lovers very carefully. Like many others, he was convinced he could change them. But life is not always simple.

Mimie Mathy is in love with a married man

So, on Come on, I’m taking you, broadcast on France 3 on Friday May 27, she talks about all her struggles in love, those that hurt her, but allowed her, eventually, to find her soul. – sister. He admits it, he was always looking for an ideal, but he found “ beautiful princes are not always beautiful“.

He provides a good example to show how his choices are not right: ” I am always faced with complicated situations. It means when you hug yourself to a vicious homosexual. I was convinced I would change it. »

In addition to falling in love with a man who loves men, she also ends up in the arms of a man who loves women, but most of all, hers: ” You meet a married man, it happened to me. Are you sure he will leave his wife? I’m always in addition to or next to it, but I’m never in the right place. Until I met my Benoist. »

Finally a beautiful love story Mimie

The two lovers have had good days over the years, and when they don’t have kids, they work a lot. ” When we sold our restaurant in 2008, Benoist became addicted to the vine. We only produce two acres but they produce quality wine that can now be seen on the table of many stars.. Benoist’s work seems crazy, I’m so proud of his success“, He said.

For a long time, Mimie Mathy was considered an anomaly in show business, she who didn’t match the strict and unrealistic canons of beauty that women had to respect in order to succeed (at least that’s what they understand). But sure of his talent, he broke all the glass ceilings to become one of the favorite personalities of the French. He wanted to respect who he was and always clarified things about his condition, refusing to be mentioned as a dwarf man:

I don’t like this word, because it has long been synonymous with something simplistic, with no pun intended. The dwarf, until I got to the cinema, without any pretense, he was a deceitful, evil, cruel man. It’s not a pretty word and it doesn’t mean a pretty picture“. On the other hand, he does not want to be in a relationship with a short man like him: ” Let’s not even create a sect! No, this is not my thing. Let’s not create a microcosm that makes us a sect! I don’t like that, me!“.

Perhaps fearful of the danger of having a child affected by the same congenital disease, Mimie Mathy never became a mother: ” There’s a risk, it’s one in four, but there’s a risk. It also means 45, risking waiting for the definitive ultrasound after four months, and saying to yourself: ‘What shall I do?’ Can I be as strong as my parents? I don’t know“, he said in front of the TF1 cameras.

But even if she’s not a mother, she’s a fulfilled grandmother because her husband was already a father four times when he met the actress: “ I have six grandchildren that I love. »

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