Love Story: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

It’s one of those Hollywood couples that always dreams of. They’ve been Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds since 2011. From their friendship that started on set to their crush at a party a year later, here’s their story. Beautiful, intelligent and full of self -loathing, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a close couple.

A meeting on a set

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds met in 2010, on the set of Green Lantern, a critical and commercial failure. The Canadian comedian consists of the main character, while the former stars in female gossip playing the role of Carol Ferris, the hero’s suitor.

If the two actors sympathize immediately, and become very good friends, their relationship remains platonic. At least for now. A few months later, the actor divorced Scarlett Johansson after two years of marriage. Blake Lively came out of a brief relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

During the “double date” the two actors fall in love with each other. Ryan Reynolds said: “We were organizing a‘ double date ’, I had an appointment with another woman and Blake with another man than me”. In the end, the night didn’t go as they had planned.

It was during a night in New York, in the Tribeca district, that the actor fell in love with the young woman, he confessed to QG. “We went out to a little Tribeca restaurant that opened later, and this song came up and I said, ‘Do you want to dance?’ Nobody was there, nothing in the street. It was one of those half -dance moments, like, ‘Oh, I think I crossed the line.’ After that, I went to his house. “

A marriage and three children later

If the couple does not hesitate to be together in front of photographers, he is able to maintain a discreet private life.

In love, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married in top secret, September 9, 2012, in South Carolina.

On December 16, 2014, Blake Lively gave birth to a daughter named James. On April 14, 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting a second child. Inez was born on September 30, 2016 in New York. At 42 and 31, the lovers welcomed a third daughter, at the end of 2019, named Betty. Blake Lively made the news official by showing off his baby bump at the premiere of Detective Pikachu, in May 2019.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively did everything to protect their three daughters from the media. The family only officially appeared together once, in December 2016, when the actor’s star was unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ten years of love and humor

Very close, the couple will not miss a chance to express their love and make beautiful surprises.

For the actor’s 40th birthday, in 2016, Blake Lively returned their first romantic date at their favorite restaurant. Not far from the satisfaction of a simple birthday party, the actress brought a few children’s touches: balloons, rabbit masks and confetti.

In August 2021, the couple celebrated their ten-year relationship by remaking their first date. For the occasion, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively shared their Instagram stories behind the scenes on this special day. They went to their famous sushi restaurant in Boston again.

The actress snapped her hubby on the way to the restaurant, and wrote on Instagram, “If it weren’t for this place, we wouldn’t be together. No kidding. No restaurant has more important to us.”

She also posted a photo of their dress, with a funny tone: “10 years later. We’re still on our ‘first date’. But in more comfortable shoes.” For the occasion, the couple even posed with the team at the Japanese restaurant, in the kitchen.

If the two actors have something in common, it’s a joke. The more ridiculous of the two? Hard to say. On the occasion of the actress ’31st birthday, the Canadian posted some photos of it on her Instagram account, which her partner never took advantage of: blurred, made a face, or hid her face.

On February 14, 2021, Blake Lively wished her husband a happy Valentine’s Day, which made his subscribers laugh a lot. We saw a video of Ryan Reynolds helping his wife color his hair, then a selfie with the couple. The myth? “The time I slept with my hairdresser”. The post was liked by over 5 million people.

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